The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sports Medicine Department is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare possible.  The unit’s expertise focuses on the prevention, treatment, evaluation, rehabilitation, and emergency care for all athletic related injuries and illnesses.   Our staff consists of five full time athletic trainers and one graduate assistant athletic trainer.  The athletic training staff is certified by the Board of Certification and licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Allied Health.

In order to provide quality care we work under the direction and supervision of our team physicians and in conjunction with the providers from MIT Medical.  Our team physician’s background is in Family Medicine with a specialization in Sports Medicine. 

Hours of Operation:

The Kasser Sports Medicine Center’s normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 1pm-8pm.  If you are an intercollegiate varsity athlete you may stop in anytime during normal operating hours for care, treatment, rehabilitation, or questions, however it is maybe more efficient to email us at to schedule an appointment. 

Please be advised that during the hours of 4pm-6pm the staff is primarily involved in providing pre practice preventive techniques, treatments, or rehab plans, which may result in longer wait times.  A staff member maybe available outside of the normal Sports Medicine operating hours on an appointment basis only.  Please speak or contact your primary athletic trainer directly or call the athletic training room at 617-253-4908.