2014 MIT Men's Lacrosse Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Ht. Hometown/High School Major
Chris Cook full bio 2 Chris Cook A Jr. 6-4 Tully, N.Y. / Tully Mechanical Engineering
Britt Cyr full bio 3 Britt Cyr M Sr. 5-9 Cincinnati, Ohio / Seven Hills Mathematics
Harris Stolzenberg full bio 4 Harris Stolzenberg A Fr. 5-8 Weston, Fla. / Pine Crest Management
Quantum Wei full bio 5 Quantum Wei M Jr. 5-7 Springfield, Va. / Thomas Jefferson HS for Sci. and Tech. Mechanical Engineering
Nick Arango full bio 6 Nick Arango LSM So. 5-9 Reston, Va. / Thomas Jefferson HS for Sci. and Tech. Electrical Engineering
Keith Galli full bio 7 Keith Galli A Fr. 6-3 Henniker, N.H. / John Stark Biological Engineering
Sidhanth Rao full bio 9 Sidhanth Rao GK Sr. 5-9 Mumbai, India / Vasant Valley School Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Kalinowski full bio 10 Matthew Kalinowski D Fr. 5-9 Toms River, N.J. / Toms River East Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Henry Aspegren full bio 11 Henry Aspegren A Fr. 5-11 Ann Arbor, Mich. / Greenhills School Electrical Engineering
Max Malinowski full bio 13 Max Malinowski M So. 5-10 Boise, Idaho / Boise Mechanical Engineering
William Dominas full bio 15 William Dominas M Sr. 5-9 Rochester, N.Y. / TASIS England Mechanical Engineering
Chris McPherson full bio 16 Chris McPherson M So. 5-10 Gaithersburg, Md. / Quince Orchard Mechanical Engineering
Jonah Hessels full bio 17 Jonah Hessels M/A So. 6-1 Laytonsville, Md. / Poolesville Mechanical Engineering
Paul Orrson full bio 18 Paul Orrson M So. 6-2 Baltimore, Md. / Friends School of Baltimore Management Science
Tim Wilczynski full bio 20 Tim Wilczynski D Sr. 5-10 Old Lyme, Conn. / Lyme-Old Lyme Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Sullivan full bio 21 Joseph Sullivan A So. 5-10 Atlanta, Ga. / Deerfield Academy Mathematics
Brandt Nelson full bio 23 Brandt Nelson D Fr. 6-3 Greenwood Village, Colo. / Cherry Creek Aerospace Engineering
Graham Francis full bio 25 Graham Francis M So. 6-0 Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. / Palos Verdes Mechanical Engineering
Henry Merrow full bio 26 Henry Merrow A Fr. 6-0 Hopkinton, N.H. / Hopkinton Mechanical Engineering
Michael Traub full bio 28 Michael Traub A Fr. 5-11 Aliso Viejo, Calif. / Aliso Niguel Undecided
John Kramer full bio 29 John Kramer M Jr. 6-2 Glastonbury, Conn. / Loomis-Chaffee Aerospace Engineering
Eric Bartell full bio 30 Eric Bartell GK So. 5-11 San Diego, Calif. / Canyon Crest Academy Biology
Joel Santisteban full bio 31 Joel Santisteban D Sr. 6-0 Lawrence, N.Y. / Lawrence Aerospace Engineering
Dillon Dumesnil full bio 32 Dillon Dumesnil D Fr. 5-8 Lake Elsinore, Calif. / Elsinore Undecided
Luke Verdi full bio 33 Luke Verdi M So. 5-9 Middletown, Md. / Middletown Chemical Engineering
Zachary Thain full bio 34 Zachary Thain A Sr. 6-0 Rye, N.Y. / Rye Country Day School Management
Dominic Hansford full bio 35 Dominic Hansford M Fr. 5-9 Darien, Conn. / Darien Undecided
Zak Psaras full bio 36 Zak Psaras D Fr. 5-9 Monroe, Conn. / St. Joseph Engineering
Cody Jacobucci full bio 38 Cody Jacobucci M Fr. 5-7 Woodstown, N.J. / Woodstown Mechanical Engineering and Economics
Thomas Burns full bio 39 Thomas Burns D Fr. 6-2 Mount Sinai, N.Y. / Mount Sinai Mechanical Engineering
Alan Medina full bio 40 Alan Medina A Fr. 5-6 Watsonville, Calif. / Watsonville Undecided