Tech's Water Polo Contingent Contributes Seven to 2006-07 Academic All-America Team

Feb. 20, 2007

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches (ACWPC) announced its 2006-07 Men's Academic All-America Team on Friday, and a total of seven Engineers were honored for their outstanding achievements in the classroom. Overall, 164 athletes met the minimum grade-point-average criteria of 3.2.

According to the ACWPC's standards, student-athletes' GPAs could be considered "Outstanding" (3.71-4.0), "Superior" (3.41-3.70) or "Excellent" (3.20-3.40). Among MIT athletes, junior Robert Truax and sophomore Forrest Funnell were recognized as "Outstanding," seniors Oliver Venn and David Dryjanski and sophomore Palmer Rosemond were labeled "Superior" and senior Phil Cassel and junior Morgan Laidlaw were honored as "Excellent."

"Managing a strenuous course load while participating in an intercollegiate sport is a very challenging task," said ACWPC Executive Director, Mike Lewis. "We are proud to see such a large number of athletes meet the criteria of a GPA of 3.2 and above. This is emblematic of water polo's tradition of supporting both academic and athletic prowess."