Student Athlete Advisory Committee to Hold First Meeting of the Year

The MIT Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is underway with activities for the 2013-2014 athletic seasons. The SAAC works to address varsity student- athletes' interests on campus. Committees within the SAAC focus on three important elements of varsity athletics: community service, health and wellness, and athletics promotion.

Community service highlights from last year included the third annual Experience MIT. Fondly referred to as "Kid's Day" by the members of SAAC, Experience MIT is day when over 100 middle school students from Boston Collegiate Charter School get the chance to come to MIT, explore the facilities and play sports with the student-athletes. The group also partnered with the football team to host their first annual bone marrow registry drive with Be the Match. Hundreds of students across campus and many of our student athletes joined the registry to help find matches for those in need of a bone marrow transplant.

The Health and Wellness Committee provides MIT student-athletes the resources, guidance, and information they need to promote personal wellbeing and maximize sport performance. From feedback surveys to guest lectures to our MIT dining partnership, the Health and Wellness Committee focuses on the issues MIT student-athletes care about, such as nutrition, hazing, substance abuse, and stress. A big initiative this year is revamping the Faculty Mentor Program. This program is a great way for faculty to get involved in a big part of many students lives—athletics—and can be a vital asset for student-athletes as well.

Finally the SAAC's Publicity and Athletics Promotion Committees helping varsity teams organize, promote, and run highlighted events such as the Women's Basketball team's Pink Zone game for the fight against breast cancer. The group also works to increase school spirit and attendance at key varsity games.

The SAAC will hold its first meeting Tuesday, September 3rd at 8PM in the Johnson Ice Rink. If you are a student athlete interested in joining the SAAC please contact [email protected].