Where Are They Now? - Charlie Field ‘10, Sailing

Where Are They Now? - Charlie Field ‘10, Sailing

As a graduate of course 2-OE (Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Ocean Engineering), sailing was a natural fit for Charlie Field ‘10. The MIT grad started sailing as just a 10-year old at the Waikiki Yacht Club and has continued his involvement in the sport during his four years at MIT through today.

Now a Mechanical Engineer who specializes in the Computational Fluid Dynamics of modeling boats and other ocean structures, Field is still very active in the Hawaii sailing community. He races Lasers, coaches high school sailing, and volunteers as a board member for the youth sailing association in addition to going out for day sails with friends.  

Field returned to Hawaii after graduating from MIT to pursue his Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Was there a specific project in 2-OE that has informed your career path/work today?
There was a lab assignment in hydrodynamics where we learned about water waves. I think that is a big reason why I fell in love with ocean engineering, then pursued a master's degree and continue to work in computational fluid dynamics.

What is your favorite part of your day to day life as a Mechanical Engineer?
My favorite part of engineering work is interacting with my coworkers while brainstorming different approaches to solve design problems. I also really enjoy the critical thinking that goes into analyzing data from simulation results.

How did your athletic involvement aid in the path that you chose following graduation?
MIT athletics taught me that time management and physical fitness are critical aspects to living a healthy and productive life.

What is your most fond memory of MIT athletics?
Enjoying the sun setting over the river on a crisp Autumn evening practice, and walking to the boathouse on a warm Spring morning for a regatta.

What would you say were your greatest athletic and academic accomplishments during your time at MIT?
Competing in regattas for all 8 semesters, while maintaining a good GPA in a rigorous academic schedule

What piece of advice would you have for current MIT student-athletes?
Have fun playing your sport. The friendships and camaraderie you develop in your collegiate days will last a lifetime.