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Where Are They Now - Alumni Questionnaire

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Briana Stephenson '07
Women's Volleyball

“Being able to play a sport I love and study a field I am passionate about gave me the most fulfilling college experience I could ever imagine.”

Sergio Navarro '08
Men's Lacrosse, Men's Track & Field

"The hours are long, and the workload is rigorous. But it's worth it in the end. MIT is an amazing place and offers a tremendous amount of opportunity in terms of the lifelong friends, colleagues, and mentors you will make there."

Cristina Estrada '01
Women's Basketball

"I wasn’t afraid to dedicate a good part of the precious free time I had to basketball: the sport was part of me; I never hesitated or thought it would distract me from my academic development."

Mike Fitzgerald '11

"Looking back on my time at MIT, I don’t think I would have graduated without football, it truly did offer me an outlet, while also reinforcing the need for a schedule and a plan, it helped me create a process, one that definitely helped me survive academically."

Louise Jandura '84
Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

"Search for and pursue your passions. Choose to compete – in the classroom and in your sport. At JPL where I work we have a saying “Dare Mighty Things"...You are already daring mighty things by being an MIT student-athlete."

Gary Stahl '72
Men's Lightweight Crew

"Balance the tooling with other activities. Take advantage of the breadth of MIT sport and get involved!"

Charlie Field '10

"Have fun playing your sport. The friendships and camaraderie you develop in your collegiate days will last a lifetime."

Jonathan Goler '04
Men's Swimming & Diving

“Take advantage of being with the best people you’re ever going to be with.”

Jasmin Moghbeli '05
Women's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse, Volleyball

"I think my involvement in athletics at MIT directly correlated both to my time in the Marine Corps and me getting selected as part of the NASA astronaut candidate class."
Stephanie Brenman '09
Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse, Ice Hockey

"I chose MIT for multiple reasons. I knew I wanted to play ice hockey in college, and I was choosing between a D1 school where I would have gotten very little playing time, or MIT where I would be a big part of building the program."


Ryan Webb '16
Men's Heavyweight Crew

"I chose to attend MIT because of its reputation in aerospace engineering, and it's incredibly unique and accepting atmosphere."

Michelle Dion '13
Field Hockey

"In all honesty, I can say that my time on the playing field at MIT helped me develop the characteristics I need to succeed professionally. Being an MIT athlete prepared me to be able to work well in teams, multi-task, manage my time efficiently and effectively, think critically in any situation."

Jesse Heines '70
Men's Swimming and Diving

"My proudest moment was the receipt of the Most Improved Athlete Award in my sophomore year. My greatest academic accomplishment was simply surviving the rigors of the curriculum!"

Lisa Shank `08
Women's Tennis and Crew

"My time at MIT taught me that I could balance so much more than I ever expected- and that hard work was worth it! I gained appreciation for seeking knowledge and conducting research, both of which led me to my pursuing higher education and a career in research."

Caine Jette '11
Men's Volleyball

"My involvement with the volleyball program at MIT has strongly shaped the path I've carved since graduating. The year after I graduated, I stayed in Boston and assisted with the women's volleyball program, helping run practices and keeping stats at games."

Sam Jasinski `08

"MIT is an amazing place. There are few, if any, other places in the world where the same breadth and depth of expertise, abundant resources, and culture of collaboration and pursuit of knowledge and innovation exist together. Take full advantage."