The Pewter Bowl Award

To the Female Senior who has Shown the Highest Qualities of Inspiration and Leadership in Contributing to Women's Athletics 

2019 Dolly Yuan, Basketball
2018 Jessica Chen, Swimming and Diving
2017 Liana Ilutzi, Basketball
2016 Magaret Guo, Swimming and Diving
2015 Ellie Fodor, Softball
2014 Christy Rogers, Swimming and Diving
2013 Taylor Burfield, Sailing
Brooke Johnson, Cross Country and Track and Field
Meghan Wright, Soccer and Lacrosse 
2012 Maggie Lloyd, Cross Country and Track and Field
2011 Hazel Briner, Track and Field
2010  Juls Andren, Track and Field 
2009 Stephanie Brenman, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse
2008 Kimi Soo Hoo, Basketball
2007 Amanda Hunter, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse and Field Hockey
2006 Caroline Jordan, Volleyball
2005 Julia Espel, Cross Country and Track and Field
2004 Cat Tweedie, Track and Field
2003 Erin Mellencamp, Ice Hockey
2002 Caroline M. Purcell, Fencing
2001 Chi-An Wang, Cross Country and Track and Field
2000 Deborah S. Won, Cross Country and Track and Field
1999 Robin C. Evans, Cross Country, Track and Crew
1998 Susan A. Dey, Crew
1997 Sarah J. Davis, Soccer, Basketball and Softball
1996 Emily C. Brown, Soccer
1995 Pareen S. Dhalla, Volleyball
1994 Marion A. Casserberg, Basketball
1993 Kathleen A Bergeron, Skiing Paula Lewin, Sailing
1992 Showna H. Chang, Softball and Basketball
1991 Theresa E. Fuentes, Cross Country/Track and Field
Stephanie L. Ragucci, Softball
1990 Cecilia H. Warpinski, Softball
1989 Teresa L. Lowenstein
1988 Julie A. Brown
1987 Martha R. Beverage, Basketball
1986 Grace M. Saccardo, Soccer, Softball, Basketball
1985 Lisa A. Shields, Tennis
1984 Amy B. Smith, Volleyball
1983 Theresa A. Sutton, Cross Country
1982 Linda S. Plano, Volleyball
1981 Faith P. Alexandre, Crew
1980 No award
1979 No award
1978 Helen E. Miyasaki, Gymnastics, Tennis
1977 Caren T. Penso, Softball
1976 Maura A. Sullivan, Basketball
Lisa A. Jablonski, Basketball, Volleyball
1975 Beverly L. Herbert, Basketball, Crew
Diane M. McKnight, Crew
1974 Shelley F. Bernstein, Sailing
1973 Sandra G. Yulke, Swimming
1972 Maria A. Bozzuto, Sailing
1971 Kathleen F. Jones, Sailing
1970 Carol J. Bertozzi, Sailing
1969 Maria L. Kivisild, Tennis
1968 No award
1967 Ruth Beckley McDowell, Sailing

Other Awards 
 Johnson  Schumacker  Kispert  

Cochrane  Varsity Club  Trussell  Pettegrove