Sailing Welcomes Schools for Midweek Tech Invite

Sailing Welcomes Schools for Midweek Tech Invite

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Eleven teams from five different colleges came to the Charles River on Wednesday afternoon to participate in the fourth Midweek Tech Regatta of the year, hosted by the MIT sailing team. MIT had two boats sail in the field that also included teams from Harvard, Northeastern, Wellesley and Babson.

Neil Forrester and Karen Gu took first place in the event, with only seven points amassed over six races. Omar Abudayyeh and Sonika Reddy were the other tandem from the host school, and took tenth place on 53 points.

The course run was shorter than usual, with only a 10-12 minute duration, and no races started later than just after 6:00 PM. Coaching was allowed for boats in the second half of each race.

 Final results from the fourth Midweek Tech Regatta:

1. Neil Forrester MIT '12/ Karen Gu MIT '14   7 pts

2. Nick Waldo Harvard '13/ Caroline Lowe Harvard '12  21 pts

3. Becker Awgatty Northeastern '14/ Natalie Brady Northeastern '13  25 pts

4. Sydney Rey Northeastern '13/ Carolyn Marsh Northeastern '13 34 pts

5. Matthew Wood Northeastern '14/ Isabelle Rolumbo Northeastern '15 34 pts

6. Grant Wonders Harvard '12/  Lillian Gong Wellesley '12  38 pts

7. Anna Morton Wellesley '13/  Mayrah Udvardi Wellesley '14   40 pts

8. David Hill Northeastern '15/ Moussa DroLamby Northeastern '15   44 pts

9. Olin Nelson Northeastern '13/ Elizabeth Sczerzenie Northeastern '15  46 pts

10. Omar Abudayyeh MIT '12/ Sonika Reddy MIT '14   53 pts

11. Peter Manning Babson '13/ Zach Breed Babson '13  62 pts