Engineers Record Two Top-10 Finishes on the Water

Engineers Record Two Top-10 Finishes on the Water

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – In a full weekend of competition, the No. 17 MIT coed sailing team captured fifth place at the Oberg Trophy while the No. 12 women's squad secured sixth place at the Stu Nelson Trophy. The Engineers also participated in the Hoyt Trophy where they finished 18th overall.

MIT secured fourth place out of 18 teams in the A and B Divisions of the Oberg Trophy. Seniors David Alfonso (San Juan, Puerto Rico) and Iris Xu (Madison, Wis.) along with junior Kayla Ngan (Sudbury, Mass.) entered the top five of the A Division on six occasions and had 16 top-10 performances in 18 rotations. The trio won the 13th and 16th races, was the runner-up in the 12th round, finished third in two outings, and captured fifth in the fifth rotation. Xu joined sophomores Joe Paggi (Bayville, N.J.) and Scarlett Koller (Geneva, Switzerland) in the B Division where they secured second place twice, ranked third in the 15th race, fourth in the 13th round, and generated fourth fifth-place performances. In the C Division, junior Chloe Lepert (Belmont, Calif.), sophomore David Larson (La Jolla, Calif.), junior Samantha Albright (Madison, Conn.), and freshman Jordan Ladd (St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands) collaborated for an eighth-place finish. The Engineers finished atop the standings in the 11th, 13th, and 17th races, placed third in the second rotation, and secured the fifth spot in two outings.

Lepert and sophomores Robyn Lesh (Everson, Wash.) and Lisa Sukharev-Chuyan (Temple, N.H.) claimed fifth place out of 18 teams in the A Division of the Stu Nelson Trophy by entering the top five in five of 10 rounds. The unit won the third race, was the runner-up in two outings, finished fourth in the finale, and captured fifth place in the fourth rotation. In the B Division, senior Hanna Vincent (Santa Barbara, Calif.) and sophomore Elizabeth Zhang (Lexington, Mass.) capitalized on seven top-10 placements to rank ninth overall. They secured the fourth, eighth, and ninth spots on two occasions while finishing sixth in the ninth round.

At the Hoyt Trophy, freshmen Alec Stewart (Duxbury, Mass.) and Paige Omura (Honolulu, Hawaii) teamed up with Albright to finish 14th out of 18 teams in the B Division. The trio earned victories in the seventh and eighth rounds, was the runner-up in the second race, and placed fifth in the ninth rotation. In the A Division, sophomores Christopher Ford (Millbrae, Calif.) and Jeremy Kalas (Huntington, N.Y.) collaborated with Albright for an 18th-place finish. Highlights for the contingent included a seventh-place performance in the 11th race, three finishes at 14th, and a ranking of 15th in the eighth round.

Next up for MIT will be the Schell Trophy and the Victorian Coffee Urn which will be held at MIT and Harvard, respectively, on November 2-3.