Sailing Finishes Third at Coed Showcase

Six MIT sail boats lined up prior to the start of a race on the Charles River.


- Results:

Coed Showcase at MIT - 3rd of 18
Stu Nelson Trophy at Connecticut College - 7th of 13

- The Lead: The MIT coed sailing team highlighted the weekend of action as they took third overall at the Coed Showcase at home, which featured some of the best teams in the region and in the country. The women's team sent some student-athletes to Conn College where they finished seventh at the Stu Nelson Trophy.


Coed Showcase - 3rd of 18 (200 points)
A Division - Fourth Place (96 points)
Skipper: Trevor Long (Hockessin, Del.)
Crew: Julia Cho (Cupertino, Calif.)
*Won three of 16 races and placed fifth or better in nine races.*
B Division - Fifth Place (104 points)
Skipper: Ivan Shestopalov (Miami, Fla.)
Crew: Sameena Shaffeeullah (Danbury, Conn.)
*Won three of 16 races and placed fifth of better in eight races.*
Stu Nelson Trophy - 7th of 13 (141 points)
A Division - Sixth Place (59 points)
Skipper: Dana Haig (Beach Haven, N.J.)
Crew: Lulu Russell, 1-4 (Marion, Mass.) & Abbie Lee, 5-13 (Costa Mesa, Calif.)
*Won races five & eight*
B Division - Ninth Place (85=2 points)
Skipper: Meredith Julian 1-4, 9-10 (Cohasset, Mass.) & Lulu Russell, 5-8
Crew: Isabelle Yen, 1-8 (Palo Alto, Calif.) & Lulu Russell, 9-10
*placed fifth in race one and six*



- Next weekend, MIT will host the New England Match Race Championship and also compete in the Women's Showcase Finals at Brown and the Captain Hurst Bowl at Dartmouth. Additionally, the Engineers will head to Boston University for the one-day BU Trophy on Sunday.


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