Tech Takes Second at Schell Trophy, Falls One Point Short of Crown

Tech Takes Second at Schell Trophy, Falls One Point Short of Crown

Nov. 3, 2008

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - It was another banner weekend on the water for the host MIT sailing team, which placed second out of 18 teams at the Erwin Schell Trophy, falling just a point shy of cross-town rival and event winner Harvard University. The Engineers finished with a score of 221 to the Crimson's 220. Harvard, Tufts University and Boston University secured the remaining Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) championship berths, joining MIT, Boston College, Roger Williams University, Brown University, and Connecticut College, all of whom qualified from the Danmark and Hoyt Trophies held earlier this season.

Doing the honors for the Engineers were A-Division skipper Brooks Reed and crews Ellie Hass and Karlen Ruleman and `B' circuit leader Josh Leighton and crews Ruleman and Victoria Lee. The quintet finished in the top five in 15 of the combined 34 rounds.

With bright sunshine beaming on the Charles River, winds started from the northwest at five to seven knots on Saturday, shifted to the east at 12 knots, and settled into a typical breeze to the southeast. Sunday's current from the northeast eventually veered to the south.

MIT slotted third in both A and B divisions, but its overall slim point differentiation between the two circuits enabled it to finish second overall. The Cardinal and Gray tallied A and B division scores of 121 and 99, respectively. Harvard's 120 in the higher group allowed the Crimson to finish first.

All races were sailed in the MIT FJ's and Techs. Courses were W5 and W3 depending on wind strength.

At the Women's Victorian Coffee Urn at Harvard, A-Division skipper Libby Palmer and crew Lisa Schlecht ranked third among 17 entries to lead the Engineers to an eighth-place finish overall. The duo slotted in the top five in five of the 11 races, including a first-place mark in the ninth round. B-Division skipper Jamie Curran and crews Katie Gullick and Rachel Licht placed 11th in their circuit, finishing atop the board in the eighth joust. Harvard won the event with a score of 119.

On Saturday, shifty northeast to northwest winds allowed for only one morning race, but six more rounds in A-Divison and four more in the `B' circuit were completed later in an east to southeast breeze ranging from three to eight knots. Sunday's current started at six knots northeast and ended at three to five southeast.

The Cardinal and Gray also placed seventh out of 15 teams at the New England International Sailing Association (NEISA) Freshman Championships hosted by Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay. Amid steady north to northwest winds at 15 knots, freshman star skipper Philip Crain and crew Regula Granger finished fifth in the `A' circuit, including three first-place marks among the 12 jousts. The `B' team of skipper Eamon Glackin and crew Stephanie Tong placed ninth in their group, slotting third in the fifth and seventh rounds.

Connecticut College won the event with a score of 95. Rounding out the top five were Boston College, Roger Williams University, Tufts University, and University of Rhode Island.