Dou Wins Slam Dunk Contest at Kainan University International Basketball Tournament

Dou Wins Slam Dunk Contest at Kainan University International Basketball Tournament

May 31, 2006

TAOYUAN COUNTY, Taiwan - In Yung Yu Gymnasium, close to 2000 fans were packed in to cheer on eight contestants from the Kainan Tournament in the program's slam dunk contest. Each participant was allowed one minute to complete two dunks. MIT's Hamidou Soumare was named the 2006 champion after out-dueling the SBL's Chang Yu-Lin, Taiwan's dunk champion and a member of it's national team.

Going early in the competition, Yu-Lin, a 6'5" fan favorite, successfully slammed a self alley-oop off the bounce and then proceeded to take off a step inside the foul line for another suave jam.

Appearing in his first dunk contest, the 6'7" Soumare, who is quickly becoming a local star, began his round with a jaw-dropping spread-eagle dunk over teammate Jimmy Bartolotta who was sitting in a chair in front of the basket. Dou's next slam was a crowd pleasing two-handed stuff that he cocked back behind his head. And, in an unprecedented encore, and one that would prove to decisively out-dunk the rest of the field, Dou took off inside the free throw line. He soared and emphatically slammed a one-handed dunk through the hoop while the fans erupted.

Brandon Suarez also wooed the audience during the slam dunk competition with a crowd pleasing attempt in which he stripped off his shirt as the ball bounced from a self alley-oop. On his next attempt, he proceeded to take off with a leaning, kiss-the-rim, one-handed jam just inside the international free throw lane. Finally, with the assistance of teammate Billy Johnson, Suarez jumped off two feet while Billy held the ball straight over his own head a couple of feet from the rim. Brandon grabbed the ball and jammed it through the hoop in truly exciting fashion as the Tech rookie finished third overall in the dunk standings.

Earlier in the afternoon, Will Mroz and Alan Ho both competed in the tournament's three-point shootout. The Engineers are set to continue their week-long tour with more games on Thursday and Friday.