Heavyweights Lead From the Start En Route to Donahue Cup

WORCESTER, Mass. - MIT's varsity heavyweights retained the Donahue Cup with a decisive win over Williams and WPI today on Lake Quinsigamond. The Engineers led from the start and extended their lead to one boat-length by the 1500 meter mark.

Williams pushed back with a strong sprint and by the finish line closed the margin to under three seconds, but the Ephs were unable to prevent MIT from capturing its second consecutive victory in the series.

The final results were:
MIT 6:09
Williams 6:11.5
WPI 6:12.8

MIT's varsity lineup was: Steve Young (cox), Luke Urban (stroke), Rane Nolan (7), Tom Larsen (6), James Stenard (5), David Jenicek (4), Alessandro Chiesa (3), Dave Stein (2), Lucas Goodman (bow).

MIT's freshman crew, including one rower who had already raced in the varsity contest, lost to a very fast Williams boat by eight seconds. The Ephs finished in 6:24.7 while the Engineers crossed in 6:31.1.

The frosh lineup included: Christine Choi (cox), Owen Mays (stroke), Michael Grinich (7), Peter Lamb (6), Lucas Goodman (5), Dan Ainge (4), Matt Pegler (3), Keldin Sergheyev (2), Tobe Nwanna (bow).