Heavyweight Crew Has Solid Outing at Princeton Chase

Heavyweight Crew Has Solid Outing at Princeton Chase

PRINCETON, N.J. – MIT's heavyweight crew team made its second outing of the season at the Princeton Chase. The Engineers fielded a pair of eight crews at the event and came away with solid results while picking up some valuable experience for the coming season.

Both crews were in the same race, the men's freshmen heavyweight 8+ that got under way at 1:00 p.m. on Lake Carnegie. MIT's A boat turned in the best showing of the day for the Engineers, coming in 18th in the field of 36 with ah time of 15:02.21, finishing just behind a pair of teams from Cornell and ahead of squads from Harvard and Penn. MIT's B entry finished 27th with an effort of 16:09.32.

The team is scheduled to be back in action at the Dartmouth Invitational on Saturday, November 5.

Boat Lineups


Coxswain    Alex Feldstein
8 Nathan Colgan
7 Nicholas Lima
6 Christian Vilanilam
5 Bryan Chang
4 Matthew Connelly
3 Erik Pearson
2 Robert Sloan
1 Paul Heyse


Coxswain    Camille DeJarnett
8 David Perez
7 Eric Klinkhammer
6 Jeffrey Warren
5 James Logan
4 Benjamin Harvatine
3 Jacob Dahl
2 Chris Kim
1 Steven Zierk