Heavyweight Crew Downs UMass

Heavyweight Crew Downs UMass

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – MIT's heavyweight crew team picked up its first head-to-head win of the season this morning as the Engineers rowed past a crew from UMass.

With a steady headwind blowing the MIT eight pulled across the finish line by a solid margin of nearly 13 seconds. The Engineers posted a time of 6:57.5 over the 2,000-meter course, with the Minutemen coming in with a time of 7:10.3. 

MIT also bested UMass in a freshman/novice 4 race. The Engineers, who had a pair of entries, saw both of their crews come out ahead of the one crew from UMass. MIT's 'A' boat finished in 8:12.3, gaining a large margin over the MIT 'B' boat that finished in 8:28.7 and the Minuteman crew that posted a time of 8:38.9.

MIT will venture to the Midwest for its next completion. The Engineers will travel to Madison, Wisconsin where they will take on crews from the University of Wisconsin and Dartmouth College on April 28

Varsity 8
MIT - 6:57.5
UMass - 7:10.3 

Frosh/Novice 4
MIT 'A' - 8:12.3
MIT 'B' - 8:28.7
UMass - 8:38.9

MIT Crews
Varsity 8
C. Charles Hsu
8. Nate Colgan
7. Alex Nelson
6. Matt Connelly
5. Andrew Yang
4. Christian Vilanilam
3. Brian Chang
2. Trevor Zinser
1. Thomas Georgiou

Freshman 4 'A'
C. Rishi Dixit
4. Robert Sloan
3. Nick Lima
2. Chris Kim
1. Erik Pearson