MIT Men's Heavyweight Crew Takes on Holy Cross, Dartmouth and Columbia

MIT Men's Heavyweight Crew Takes on Holy Cross, Dartmouth and Columbia

WORCESTER, Mass. - The MIT men's heavyweight crew team traveled to Worcester to compete against Holy Cross, Dartmouth and Columbia on Lake Quinsigamond early on Saturday morning. Two MIT Varsity 8 boats and a Varsity 4 were entered in the day's events.

In the first Varsity 8 heat, the MIT A boat finished with a time of 6:10.2, cutting over ten seconds off the time they rowed at the spring season-opening regatta against Bates and Boston College last weekend. Holy Cross' boat finished a few seconds before the Engineers with a 6:07.2, while Dartmouth was second in 5:56.8 and Columbia claimed the top spot with a time of 5:50.9.

MIT's B boat also cut some time from last weekend, going 6:17.2 to finish the fourth fastest in the group. Holy Cross were a few seconds ahead in third with its time of 6:07.8. In the Varsity 4 event, MIT finished with the second fastest time of 7:20.5 behind Dartmouth with a 7:08.7. Holy Cross and Columbia were not far behind with their times of 7:22.8 and 7:23.2 respectively.

The Engineers will return to Lake Quinsigamond on Saturday, April 13 to race in the Donahue Cup.

Varsity 8 A
Cox.         Charles Hsu
8              Michael Klinker
7              Alexander Nelson
             Nate Colgan
             Andrew Yang
4              Matthew Connelly
3              Erik Pearson
2              Matthew Miklasevich
1              David Ashpole


Varsity 8 B
Cox          Alex Feldstein
8              Aaron Baumgarten
7              Nick Lima
             Christian Vilanilam
5              Bryan Chang
             Trevor Zinser
3              James Krasner
             Ben Potash
             Connor McMahan
Varsity 4
Cox           William Qian
4              Samarth Mohan
3              Eric Klinkhammer
2              Matthew Hunter
1              Anthony McHugh