MIT Men's Heavyweight Crew Fares Well Against Trinity, Colgate and URI

MIT Men's Heavyweight Crew Fares Well Against Trinity, Colgate and URI

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. The MIT men's heavyweight crew team faced Trinity College, Colgate University and the University of Rhode Island on a clear-skied Sunday morning on the Charles River. The Engineers entered two 8's and a varsity 4 boat in the 2k race.

MIT's varsity 8 A boat raced first, completing the course in second with a time of 6:19.1, just a few seconds behind Trinity with a 6:12. URI was not far behind the Engineers with its time of 6:20.2, while Colgate crossed the line in fourth place with a time of 6:24.2. The second varsity 8 race, which featured the Cardinal and Gray's JV boat, came in third place with a 6:25. Trinity, once again, was first, completing the event in 6:15.1 and URI was second with a 6:16.8.

To wrap up the day, the Engineers competed in the varsity 4 race, coming in second place out of the three teams. Trinity won its third race of the day with a 7:10.3, MIT was second with 7:16 and Colgate was third with a 7:17.3.

Next weekend, MIT will host its final home regatta of the season when it faces the University of Wisconsin and Dartmouth University on the Charles on Saturday, May 4 at 7:30 a.m.

Varsity 8+
Cox      Charles Hsu
8          Nate Colgan
7          Alexander Nelson
6          Matthew Miklasevich
5          David Ashpole
4          Matthew Connelly
3          Erik Pearson
2          Michael Klinker
1          Ben Potash
JV 8+
Cox       Alex Feldstein
8          Aaron Baumgarten
7          Nick Lima
6          Christian Vilanilam
5          Andrew Yang
4          Trevor Zinser
3          Bryan Chang
2          Matthew Hunter
1          James Krasner
Varsity 4+
Cox       Luo Qian
4          Connor McMahan
3          Eric Klinkhammer
2          Ryan Webb
1          Anthony McHugh