MIT Men's Heavyweight Crew Continue Fall Season at Princeton Chase

MIT Men's Heavyweight Crew Continue Fall Season at Princeton Chase

PRINCETON, N.J. - After officially opening the 2013-14 season at the Head of the Charles Regatta last weekend, the MIT heavyweight crew team returned to the water, this time traveling to New Jersey, to row in the Princeton Chase. Facing a number of competitors from all over the States, including those from California, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the Engineers fielded a pair of eights that competed in the varsity competition, an event that included 60 boats.

MIT's A boat completed the three mile course in 24th place with its time of 13:56.52, 6.14% behind host Princeton University's A boat that finished first, as it did at last year's race, with its time of 13:08.14. Tech finished less than a second behind the University of Pennsylvania's B boat and five seconds ahead of Syracuse University's C boat.

The Engineers' B boat completed the event in 53rd place with a time of 15:07.02, just a few hundredths of a second off Princeton's D boat.

Tech will have just two more regattas during the fall season, the Dartmouth Green Monster next weekend and the Foot of the Charles at home the following weekend, before taking a four month break in anticipation of the spring season, returning to the water in early April.

A 8+
c. Alexander Feldstein
8. Matthew Miklasevich
7. Alexander Nelson
6. Matthew Connelly
5. Erik Pearson
4. Nathan Colgan
3. Steven Gerasimoff
2. Aaron Baumgarten
1. Daniel Dalton


B 8+
c. Janelle Mansfield
8. Christian Vilanilam
7. Connor Popik
6. Ben Potash
5. Connor McMahan
4. Joseph Figura
3. Benjamin Claman
2. Ryan Webb
1. Matt Hunter