Heavyweight Crew Completes Fall Season at Foot of the Charles

Heavyweight Crew Completes Fall Season at Foot of the Charles

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - MIT heavyweight crew competed in its final competition of the fall season, the Foot of the Charles, on a chilly November Saturday. Tech entered one varsity 8 boat and two varsity 4 boats in the annual event.

Starting the day off bright and early in a race that included lightweight, heavyweight and novice rowers was the  MIT 8 boat, coming in 11th place with its time of 14:47.8. Boston University's A boat completed the course the fastest with a time of 12:56.0. Tech finished a full minute ahead of Boston College's B boat in 15:49.7.

To end the day, the two MIT varsity 4 boats took to the water, with the B boat completing the event in 20th place out of 33 boats in 14:54.0. They were soon followed by the A boat in 24th with a time of 15:11.4. Harvard's B boat came in first place with a 13:27.4 and had their own A boat come in second in 13:32.4.

Tech will return to the water in April of 2014 for the spring season.

Varsity 8+
c. William Qian
8. Ryan Webb
7. Connor Popik
6. Ben Potash
5. Benjamin Claman
4. Matt Hunter
3. Bennett Cyphers
2. Joseph Figura
1. Anthony McHugh


Varsity 4+ "A"
c. Janelle Mansfield
4. Matthew Miklasevich
3. Erik Pearson
2. Matthew Connelly
1. Daniel Dalton


Varsity 4+ "B"
c. Alexander Feldstein
4. Nathan Colgan
3. Steven Gerasimoff
2. Aaron Baumgarten
1. Alexander Nelson