Heavyweight Frosh Row Strong at Donahue Cup

Heavyweight Frosh Row Strong at Donahue Cup

April 9, 2006

WORCESTER, Mass. - Men's heavyweight crew was back in action Sunday morning at Lake Quinsigamond competing in the annual Jim Donahue Cup. The varsity eight finished third overall in the cup race, while Williams outdueled WPI for the win. 

After last week's win over Columbia and Army, the freshman team was confident in its ability and produced a better starting sequence in Sunday's race. They came off the line quick and clean, opening up a lead on Williams, URI, and a second freshmen boat from Holy Cross. At the 500-meter mark, MIT had just broken open water on Williams, who was continuing to fight hard and had moved out well on the remaining boats.

Once their lead was established, MIT settled into a good rhythm and pushed out to a comfortable margin. They crossed the finish line about 10 seconds before Williams. Four members of the freshmen Williams crew had raced earlier in the day when they won the Donahue Cup, and the MIT freshmen also raced earlier when they (unofficially) won the JV race against WPI, URI and Williams. Needless to say that both Williams and MIT freshmen crews were suitably tired after a full day of racing.

Freshmen heavyweight coach Dan Perkins said, "It's great experience for the team to race twice in quick succession; that's what we will have to do on this course at Eastern Sprints. I think the team is happy with their two performances today, but we're quickly shifting our focus to next weekend. In this sport, you have about an hour to celebrate before you have to worry about the next guy."

Next week the The MIT varsity crews will be in Boston racing for the Compton Cup against Princeton and Harvard. The freshmen will return to Worcester, where they face Trinity, Holy Cross and UMass. 

Cox: Joyce Gallagher
Stroke: Deema Mirkin
7: Sam McVeety
6: Tom Larsen
5: Mike Whitaker
4: Martin Harrysson
3: Gheorghe Chistol
2: Bill Garthwaite
Bow: Dwight Chambers

Cox: Steve Young
Stroke: Richard Clay
7: Luke Urban
6: James Stenard
5: Kevin Kelley
4: Rane Nolan
3: Lars Imsdahl
2: Allessandro Chiesa
Bow: Russell Ryan