Tech Freshman Compete at Belly of the Carnegie

Tech Freshman Compete at Belly of the Carnegie

Nov. 11, 2007

PRINCETON, N.J. - The MIT freshman heavyweight men traveled to Princeton to race in the Belly of the Carnegie on Sunday. An invitational race exclusively for freshman/novice crews, the Belly includes competition from numerous EARC schools.

On a beautiful fall day, MIT took to the water for its second race of the season. The competition was stiff but the Engineers rose to the occasion. The crew passed a boat from Rutgers, moved away from Virginia and held off a charging Princeton crew in the last 500 meters.

In the end, Tech finished 11th of 22, ahead of all the entries from George Washington, Delaware, Virginia, Dartmouth and Rutgers, and in front of two boats from the U.S. Naval Academy.

"We had a good race, we were coordinated and stayed relaxed while executing our race plan well" commented stroke seat Owen Mays.

"This was a race that gave us a lot of confidence," remarked freshman coach Evan Thews-Wassell. "We rowed it pretty conservatively, and were still able to put up a good result. There is a good amount of speed to be gained as we bring up the rate and start attacking more."

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MIT Freshman Eight
C - Christine Choi
8 - Owen Mays
7 - Lucas Goodman
6 - Peter Lamb
5 - Michael Grinich
4 - Daniel Ainge
3 - Joseph Lemberg
2 - Blake Sessions
1 - Tyrel Waagen