MIT Lightweight Crew Competes For Biglin Bowl Against Harvard, Dartmouth

MIT Lightweight Crew Competes For Biglin Bowl Against Harvard, Dartmouth

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Racing for the Biglin Bowl on Saturday against top-ranked Harvard and No. 6 Dartmouth, the No. 11 MIT lightweight crew team saw its rivals from down the Charles River claim the top spot in the final results. The Engineers finished third in the Varsity 8 race and second in the Frosh/Novice 8 event.

In the Varsity 8 race, Harvard completed the course in a time of 6:12.4, edging out Dartmouth by 4.2 seconds and MIT by a wide margin. The Engineers came back with a good race in the Frosh/Novice completion, finishing second to the Crimson boat by 12 seconds and holding off the Big Green crew by less than two seconds.

MIT also raced a second Frosh/Novice boat, with that crew finishing third in a race that was won by Harvard by nearly seven seconds over Dartmouth. The Engineers raced in the Varsity 4 competition as well, finishing fourth behind winner Dartmouth and two crews from Harvard 

In the freshman/novice 8 race the results turned out to be the same, with Harvard finishing ahead of Princeton and MIT. The Crimson finished 7.3 seconds ahead of the Tigers in 6:09.8, with the Engineers crossing the line 14 seconds after the Princeton boat.

MIT will race for the final time this season on the Charles next Saturday, April 21 when it will race against teams from Cornell and Columbia for the Geiger Cup.

Varsity 8
Harvard - 6:12.4
Dartmouth - 6:16.6
MIT - 6:48.7
Varsity 4
Dartmouth - 7:30.0
Harvard B - 7:32.9
Harvard A - 7:36.4
MIT – 7:43.2
Frosh/Novice 8
Harvard - 6:26.7
MIT - 6:38.7
Dartmouth - 6:40.3
2nd Frosh/Novice 8
Harvard - 6:39.1
Dartmouth - 6:46.2
MIT – 7:02.0
MIT Lineups
MIT Varsity 8
C. Michael Hwang
8. Stephen Freiberg
7. Dan Weber
6. Cameron McAlpine
5. Zachary Segal
4. Devin Cela
3. Andrew Schlaepfer
2. Michael Wu
1. Benjamin Potash
MIT 1-Freshman 8
C. Yoonjeong Kim
8. Chris Schlaepfer
7. Peter Augusciak
6. Thomas Altman
5. Peter Kleinhenz
4. Brian Alvarez
3. Pasha Muravyev
2. David Danko
1. Luke Koblan
MIT 2-Freshman 8
C. Sean Batir
8. Alessandro Lira
7. Mycal Tucker
6. Benjamin Chrobot
5. Jose Burgos
4. Keanu Delgado
3. Rohun Kulkarni
2. Robert Learsch
1. Yun-Hwan Sul

MIT Varsity 4
C. Henry Skupniewicz
4. Nathan Miller
3. John Kongoletos
2. Peter Florin
1. Parker Chambers