Men's Lightweight Crew Finishes Strongly at Princeton Chase

Men's Lightweight Crew Finishes Strongly at Princeton Chase

PRINCETON, N.J. - Coming off an impressive season-opening performance at the Head of the Charles last weekend, the MIT men's lightweight crew team had another good showing at the Princeton Chase on Sunday afternoon. The Engineers entered three boats in the varsity eight, two in the varsity four and two in the small boats competition.

In the first lightweight event of the day, MIT's A boat finished fifth out of 27 boats with a time of 13:00.129, coming in behind Princeton's and Cornell's A teams but narrowly beating Columbia's and Navy's A boats. They finished the three-mile course just 3.25% behind Harvard's A team, who won with a 12:35.609.

MIT's B team finished in 20th place with a time of 13:34.309 and were followed soon after by the C boat with a time of 14:13.031. Both boats beat Delaware's A and B boats but the Engineers in boat B were just edged out by Pennsylvania's B team.

In the varsity four competition, MIT's B boat finished 23rd out of 30 teams (15:36.754), while the A team crossed the line in 28th place with a time of 16:03.131. The B boat finished less than a second ahead of Dartmouth's B and two seconds ahead of Pennsylvania's C, but the MIT A boat finished with clear water all around, 10 seconds after Georgetown B and 10 seconds ahead of Dartmouth C.

MIT had a strong showing in the small boats competition; senior Cameron McAlpine (Portland, Ore.) and sophomore Brian Alvarez (Woodinville, Wash.) finished in eighth place in boat B (16:04.585), while seniors Stephen Freiberg (Weston, Mass.) and Zachary Segal (Los Altos, Calif.) in boat A crossed the line right after in ninth place (16:07.599).

The Engineers will return to the water next weekend when they take part in the Dartmouth Green Monster Invitational on November 3.


Varsity 8
Boat A
Coxswain          Michael Hwang
8                      Stephen Freiberg
7                      Zachary Segal
6                      Ijan Zhakiya
5                      Chris Schlaepfer
4                      Cameron McAlpine
3                      Brian Alvarez
2                      Peter Augusciak
1                      David C. Danko
Boat B
Coxswain          Henry Skupniewicz
8                      Tom Altmann
7                      Michael Wu
6                      Ben Potash
5                      Devin Cela
4                      Christopher Knapp
3                      Mycal Tucker
2                      William Martin
1                      John Kongoletos
Boat C
Coxswain          Yooni Kim
8                      Nathan Miller
7                      Luke Koblan
6                      Richard Chew
5                      Peter Florin     
4                      Keanu Delgado
3                      Jose Burgos                
2                      Robert Learsch
1                      Parker Chambers
Varsity 8
Boat A
Coxswain          Ali Finkelstein
4                      Ben Potash     
3                      Michael Wu     
2                      John Kongoletos
1                      Nathan Miller


Boat B
Coxswain          Sam Oppenheim
4                      Peter Augusciak
3                      Chris Schlaepfer
2                      Devin Cela
1                      David C. Danko