MIT Men's Lightweight Crew Opens Spring Against Penn and Delaware

MIT Men's Lightweight Crew Opens Spring Against Penn and Delaware

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - On a sunny, blue-skied Saturday morning, the MIT men's lightweight crew team opened up its spring season against the University of Pennsylvania first and the University of Delaware later on in the day. The Engineers fielded four boats in four different heats, three of which were Varsity 8's and the last was a Novice 4 that was a combination of MIT and Penn rowers.

MIT's Varsity 8 A boat, which set out soon after sunrise, completed the course with a time of 6:18.7, finishing right after Penn with its 6:16.5. The Engineers' B boat was the second fastest in the next run with a 6:32.1, a little behind Penn's first boat with its time of 6:22.6 and a few seconds ahead of the Quakers' B boat with a 6:38.3. The final Varsity 8 boat finished the course with a 7:07.2, soon after Penn's 6:51.0.

The MIT/Penn combination Novice 4 boat finished in 8:20.4, while the Penn boat was an 8:10.6.

In the second race of the day against Delaware, MIT's boat completed the course with the fastest time of 6:21.7 and was followed by Delaware in 6:27.5. The Engineers' B boat crossed the line with a time of 6:25.7, cutting time from this morning's race against Penn and finishing just after Delaware's boat with a 6:22.9. In the final race of the day, MIT had the third fastest time in 7:08.3 behind Delaware's varsity and freshman boats with times of 6:34.0 and 6:47.6.

Next Saturday, the Engineers will travel to New Haven, Conn. to compete in the Joy Cup against Yale and Georgetown. The regatta will commence at 9:00 a.m.

Varsity 8 A
Cox      Michael Hwang
8          Stephen Freiberg
7          Zachary Segal
6          Ijan Zhakiya
5          Chris Schlaepfer
4          Cameron McAlpine
3          Brian Alvarez
2          Peter Augusciak
1          David C. Danko


Varsity 8 B
Cox      Henry Skupniewicz
8          Tom Altmann
7          Mycal Tucker
6          William Martin
5          Luke Koblan
4          John Kongoletos
3          Devin Cela
2          Richard Chew
1          Michael Wu


Varsity 8 C
Cox      Yooni Kim
8          Peter Florin
7          Berk Ozturk
6          Carlos Torres Quinones
5          Jose Burgos
4          Robert Learsch
3          Patrick Lowe
2          Robert Hunt
1          Jonathon Zuniga


Novice 4
Cox      Deniz Aksel
4          Arthur Delarue
3          Anthony Mark
2          Penn
1          Penn