MIT Men's Lightweight Crew Completes Joy Cup

MIT Men's Lightweight Crew Completes Joy Cup

DERBY, Conn. - The MIT men's lightweight crew team traveled to Derby, Conn. to take part in the Joy Cup against Yale and Georgetown on Saturday morning. The Engineers entered two Varsity 8 boats and two Varsity 4's, finishing in second place in three of the events and first in another.

In the first event of the day, the MIT Varsity 8 A boat finished with a time of 5:45.17, finishing a few seconds faster than Georgetown with a 5:52.14 and behind Yale in 5:35.99. In the next event, the B boat completed the course in 5:54.48, just four seconds slower than Yale with its time of 5:50.50.

The Varsity 4 boat raced to a 6:54.14, finishing behind Yale with a 6:42.10. The Novice 4 boat completed the event in 7:14.24, leaving a sizeable gap between them and Georgetown, who finished with a time of 7:28.37.

MIT will return to the water next Saturday, April 13 when it travels to Hanover, N.H. to race in the Biglin Bowl against Dartmouth and Harvard.

Varsity 8 A
Cox      Michael Hwang
8          Stephen Freiberg
7          Zachary Segal
6          Ijan Zhakiya
5          Chris Schlaepfer
4          Cameron McAlpine
3          Brian Alvarez
2          Peter Augusciak
1          David C. Danko


Varsity 8 B
Cox      Henry Skupniewicz
8          Tom Altmann
7          Mycal Tucker
6          William Martin
5          Luke Koblan
4          John Kongoletos
3          Devin Cela
2          Keanu Delgado
1          Michael Wu


Varsity 4 A
Cox       Ali Finkelstein
4          Peter Florin
3          Berk Ozturk
2          Richard Chew
1          Jose Burgos


Novice 4
Cox      Anthony Mark
4          Jonathon Zuniga
3          Carlos Torres Quinones
2          Patrick Lowe
1          Robert Hunt