Tech Opens Spring Season against BC and Delaware

Tech Opens Spring Season against BC and Delaware

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - MIT's men's lightweight crew opened the spring season on Saturday morning, returning to the recently thawed Charles River to face Boston College and the University of Delaware. Tech had a total of three six crews in action.

MIT's Varsity 8 finished just a second faster than Boston College's boat, completing the 2000m course with a time of 6:13.3 compared to the Eagles' 6:14.6. In the second Varsity 8 race, the Engineers finished in 6:34.0, while BC clocked a 6:29.3. In the final race of the day, the Eagles' two boats ended up with times of 6:39.6 and 6:47.3 and MIT followed soon after in 6:49.8.

Later on in the day, the Cardinal and Gray faced Delaware on the same course. With flat, steady conditions at the start of the event, the wind started to pick up throughout the race, leading to a bit more choppiness than earlier. MIT's Varsity 8 finished in 6:03.1, just a few seconds slower than Delaware with its time of 6:00.0. In the second Varsity 8, the Blue Hens completed the course with a time of 6:10.2 and the Engineers followed in 6:12.5.

To wrap up the day, Tech's third Varsity 8 boat finished with the third fastest time in the group, clocking a 6:34.9. Delaware's two boats led the way with times of 6:20.4 and 6:23.1.

Next weekend, the Engineers will travel to California for the San Diego Crew Classic, an event that will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 5-6. 

c. Yoonjeong Kim
8. Tom Altmann
7. Luke Koblan
6. David Danko
5. Chris Schlaepfer
4. Wickham Egan
3. Elezhan Zhakiya
2. Christopher Knapp
1. Mycal Tucker

c. Ana Lo
8. Richard Chew
7. Johnathan Kongoletos
6. Austin Hubbert
5. Jesus Mathus
4. Emilio Lamar
3. Jake Ligouri
2. Keanu Delgado
1. Michael Wu

c. Julian Ranz
8. Carlos Torres Quinones
7. William Martin
6. Matthew Fisher
5. Peter Augusciak
4. Colin Sidoti
3. Vincent Tjeng
2. Robert Hunt
1. Patrick Lowe