MIT's Lightweight 8 Takes Second at the Biglin Bowl

MIT's Lightweight 8 Takes Second at the Biglin Bowl

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - At its first home event since the Foot of the Charles in November, the MIT men's lightweight crew team hosted Harvard University and Dartmouth College on a sunny, blue-skied Saturday morning at the Biglin Bowl. Tech entered three boats in the race, finishing as high as second.

MIT's Varsity 8, which was most recently tied for 10th in the USRowing poll that is released each week, started the morning off by coming second on the 2,000m course with its time of 6:22.3. Harvard took the win in 6:18.0 and Dartmouth was third with a time of 6:23.6.

In the second Varsity 8, Harvard's boats took first and second with times of 6:24.1 and 6:29.2, while Dartmouth was third in 6:38.7. The Engineers' crew follow soon after in fourth, completing the course with a time of 6:47.9. In MIT's final race of the day, the third Varsity 8, the Cardinal and Gray was third in 7:14.2. The Crimson claimed first, once again, with a 6:40.3, while Dartmouth came in second in 7:00.8.

Next Saturday, April 19, Tech will travel to New Jersey for the Geiger Cup, which will be against Cornell University and Columbia University.

C          Yoonjeong Kim
8          Tom Altmann
7          Luke Koblan
6          David Danko
5          Mycal Tucker
4          Chris Schlaepfer
3          Elezhan Zhakiya
2          Christopher Knapp
1          Johnathan Kongoletos
C          Ana Lo
8          Richard Chew
7          Michael Wu
6          Austin Hubbert
5          Jesus Mathus
4          Emilio Lamar
3          William Martin
2          Keanu Delgado
1          Jake Liguori
C          Julian Ranz
8          Matthew Fisher
7          Patrick Lowe
6          Carlos Torres Quinones
5          Vincent Tjeng
4          Colin Sidoti
3          Alexander Nordin
2          Robert Hunt
1          Cheng Wang