Men's Lightweight Travels to Ithaca to Compete in Geiger Cup

Men's Lightweight Travels to Ithaca to Compete in Geiger Cup

ITHACA, N.Y. - The Men's Lightweight Crew team traveled to Ithaca, New York on Saturday to compete in the Geiger Cup, held at the Cayuga Inlet.  The Geiger Cup is a three team race between Cornell, Columbia and MIT.


Saturday's conditions were cold with a 8-12 mph cross/direct headwind that built throughout the course.  The V8 race saw MIT have a strong race, finishing 3rd in 6:33.7.  Columbia finished first in a time of 6:33.7.


The 2V8 race had a similar result for the Engineers, again taking third, with Cornell and Columbia finishing, first and second respectively.  MIT finished in a time of 6:55.9, behind Cornell's pace of 6:14.2.


The final race of the morning for the Engineers, the Novice 4+, was a two team race between Cornell and MIT.  Cornell bested the Engineers, finishing in a time of 7:33.2 to MIT's 8:00.1.


The Men's Lightweight Crew Team will have the next two weekends off before traveling to Worcester, Massachusetts on May 15 for EARC Sprints.




C: Katie Sessa

8: Lee Mount

7: Berk Ozturk

6: Richard Chew

5: Jeremy Stroming

4: Carlos Torres

3: Liam Green

2: Cameron Douglas

1: Jake Liguori



C: Chris Jaicks

8: Scott McCuen

7: Patrick McClure

6: Alex Derry

5: Allan Wu

4: Austin Hubbert

3: Vincent Tjeng

2: Matthew Huggins

1: Patrick Lowe



C: Illina Yang

4: Severyn Kozak

3: Hector Vazquez

2: Jason Priest

1: Brodi Elwood