Men’s Lightweight Crew Wins Three Events at Knecht Cup

Men’s Lightweight Crew Wins Three Events at Knecht Cup


- Event: Knecht Cup

- Location: Cooper River (Cherry Hill, N.J.)

- The Lead: Competing in the two-day Knecht Cup, the MIT men's lightweight crew team won the Pairs, Varsity 8+, and Light 4+ events while all eight of its entries advanced to either the final or Grand Final of their respective races.


- Rowing as "MIT LWT A" in the first heat on Saturday, sophomore Collin Renae (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) took a strangle-hold on the race right from the beginning, earning opening water by 100 meters before cruising to the finish line in 7:46.14, exactly 14.58 seconds ahead of second-place Virginia. As "MIT LWT B" in the second heat, senior Allan Wu (Basking Ridge, N.J.), a first-time competitor, led the race at the 100-meter mark before being moved on by the field. He managed to finish fourth, but his time (8:02.12) was one of the top six for the event, resulting in a spot in the finals.

- In Sunday's final, Renae got out to a strong start and had the lead until about 500 meters left in the race when he had a bauble and cut his hand. Pittsburgh passed him, but he held off Delaware until there was approximately 100 meters remaining when he had another bauble. Unfortunately, Renae was overtaken by Delaware, resulting in a third-place finish with a time of 7:43.73. Despite trailing for most of the race, Wu showed improvement from Saturday's heat, logging a time of 8:06.75 for sixth place.


- In the first heat, "MIT LWT B", comprised of junior Alden James (Dallas, Texas) and sophomore Michael Carolan (East Islip, N.Y.) started out strong and took a commanding lead. They maintained a steady pace throughout the race and held off Washington College, which tried to move on them, before winning in 7:37.50, almost 30 seconds ahead of the Shoremen. Seniors Severyn Kozak (Ridgewood, N.Y.) and Liam Green (Springfield, Pa.), "MIT LWT A" in the second heat, had a fast start and got up about a length on Mercyhurst at the 250-meter mark. The Engineers paced off them for the rest of the race, maintaining a safe lead and finishing in 7:25.07, just 4.34 seconds ahead of the Lakers.

- In the final, "MIT LWT B" (James and Carolan) led off of the line and held approximately a length lead on "MIT LWT A" (Kozak and Green) for most of the race. In the last 500 meters, however, Kozak and Green surged past James and Carolan, winning the event in 7:26.80. "MIT LWT B" crossed the finish line 4.06 seconds later, comfortably ahead the rest of the field.


- Despite a rocky start in its heat, MIT led the race for about 150 meters before getting passed by Colgate. The Raiders took the top spot in 6:54.96, followed by the Engineers in 7:00.36. Later in the day in the semifinals, MIT opened water on Bowdoin by the 500-meter mark and held the Polar Bears off for the 3.28 second victory (7:00.77 – 7:04.05).

- In the Grand Final, the Engineers had a good start off of the line and led Colgate at the 500-meter mark. However, the Raiders gradually passed MIT before reaching open water. Colgate captured the win in 7:03.38, followed by the Engineers 4.65 seconds later.

HOW IT HAPPENED – Varsity 4+:

- In its heat, MIT was up almost a seat on the competition after the start. The Engineers walked on the pack with Carnegie Mellon through the 1,000-meter mark. The Tartans tried to move on MIT, but the Engineers held them off and responded by taking open water by the 1,500-meter mark. MIT crossed the finish line in 7:00.06, almost four seconds ahead of Carnegie Mellon.

- In the Grand Final, Wentworth pulled away early on and then Bowdoin passed MIT in the last 500 meters. Carnegie Mellon inched ahead of the Engineers in the last few strokes of the race to claim third place. MIT finished with a time of 7:03.23, exactly .42 seconds behind the Tartans and 5.86 seconds behind first-place Wentworth.

HOW IT HAPPENED – Varsity 8+:

- After a frantic start in its heat, MIT reached open water by 300 meters and continued to increase its lead throughout the race. The Engineers won in 6:10.64, just over 19 seconds ahead of Washington College.

- On Sunday, MIT dominated the Grand Final with a time of 6:14.69, almost 29 seconds ahead of second-place Washington College.


- Competing in the final on Sunday morning, MIT and Connecticut battled each other for the first 1,000 meters. The Engineers slowly moved away before winning by 12.51 seconds (7:10.50 – 7:23.01).


Varsity 8+
Cox: Christopher Jaicks
8: Severyn Kozak
7: Liam Green
6: Collin Renae
5: Allan Wu
4: Gabriel Margolis
3: Héctor Javier
2: Michael Carolan
1: Alden James
Varsity 4+
Cox: Jose Lavariega
4: Jeevesh Konuru
3: Alexander Hom
2: Jan Wojcik
1: Gannon Barnett
Pair "A"
2: Severyn Kozak
1: Liam Green
Pair "B"
2: Michael Carolan
1: Alden James
Frosh 4+
Cox: Elley Goldberg
4: Kevin Lu
3: Ari Grayzel
2: Peter Hegel
1: Luke Stewart
Light 4+
Cox: Christopher Jaicks
4: Stash Pomichter
3: Alexander Hom
2: Gabriel Margolis
1: Gavin Fischer
Single "A"
1: Collin Renae
Single "B"
1: Allan Wu



- MIT travels to the Merrimack River in Lowell, Massachusetts for the River Hawk Challenge on Saturday, April 20.


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