Harvard Tops MIT and Dartmouth in Biglin Bowl

Harvard Tops MIT and Dartmouth in Biglin Bowl

April 15, 2009

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - On Saturday, Harvard retook took the Biglin Bowl in a sweep of Dartmouth and MIT on a blustery Charles River.

In the varsity eight event, Harvard established a strong boat length lead in the first 1000 meters while MIT was three seats down to Dartmouth. As the crews passed the 1200-meter mark, MIT pulled even with Dartmouth and through the remainder of the race, the crews battled to establish a lead. Both MIT and Dartmouth raised their cadence in the final 500 meters with Dartmouth edging out MIT by a nose completing the course just .6 seconds ahead of the Engineers.

Tech's freshmen raced hard and made improvements in a few areas over their race from last weekend, most notably a more consistent base cadence. The Harvard freshmen took the race into their hands early and maintained a solid lead over Dartmouth and MIT.

In the final race of the day, the MIT 2V four finished strongly to come in second place behind the Harvard 3V four and ahead of the Dartmouth 3V. At the 1000 meter mark, Harvard had established a three-second lead over MIT who was a boat length ahead of Dartmouth. In the second half of the race, Harvard extended its lead over MIT who was in control of second place.

Next up for the MIT Lightweights is the Geiger Cup against Cornell and Columbia in Cambridge.

Varsity Eight 
Harvard 5:57.4
Dartmouth 6:09.5
MIT 6:10.1

Second Varsity Eight 
Harvard 6:19.3
Dartmouth 6:28.1

Varsity Four
Harvard 3V 7:08.6
MIT 2V 7:16.2
Dartmouth 3V 7:37.0

First Freshmen
Harvard 6:08.8
Dartmouth 6:13.5
MIT 6:25.0

Second Freshmen
Harvard 6:47.6