Tech Lights Show Continuing Promise

Tech Lights Show Continuing Promise

Oct. 26, 2008

PRINCETON, N.J. - The MIT lightweight crew continued a string of solid performances at their second fall race of the 2008-09 campaign. Marking only the second year that the lightweights have been invited to the Princeton Three-Mile Chase, the Engineers took advantage of the opportunity.

In the varsity eight event, the Engineers finished 17th out of 30 crews (14:20.5), ahead of the Pennsylvania's "A" entry (14:23.6) and just 12 and 14 seconds behind the "A" entries from Columbia and Dartmouth, respectively. This is the last race of the fall where the squad can race against the EARC lightweight teams they will face in the spring.

In a change of plans, the regatta added freshmen events in the Chase. The Engineers finished 7th in a field of 11 crews with a time of 15:14.9. As the inaugural race for the freshmen lightweight crew, the guys had fun putting forth full effort and seeing what it got them. The race served as a valuable introduction to the EARC league standard and made clear that much hard work lies ahead.

The varsity fours also competed at the regatta with the MIT lightweight "B" entry taking top honors for MIT, finishing in 18th place of 36 ahead of Dartmouth "A", Georgetown "A" and Pennsylvania "A" in a time of 16:43.4.

Next up for the varsity is the Foot of the Charles, a fours race on the Charles River on November 22. The freshmen face off again this coming weekend at the Dartmouth Green Monster Invitational.