Lightweight Crew Completes Best Fall Season since 2001

Lightweight Crew Completes Best Fall Season since 2001

Nov. 18, 2006

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - On a sunny, calm Saturday, MIT men's lightweight crew finished its 2006 fall campaign with a strong performances at the annual Foot of the Charles. "The Foot" is an annual race capping fall racing for Boston schools and other EARC programs in New England.

The varsity's row in four-man shells and the freshman row in the eights. MIT's "A" entry in the Varsity Fours finished in 14:18, good enough for 17th place in a field of 39 entries from Heavyweight and Lightweight programs. The Harvard heavyweight "A" won in 13:07. The Lightweight's performance ended the best fall racing performance the program has seen since 2001.

"Getting this program moving is going to take more than good fall racing results" commented Head Coach, Ted Benford.

Asked if the the results are an indicator of spring racing success, Benford commented, "our team is headed in the right direction but make no mistake - our results indicate we have a long way to go."

Maybe so, but the team has certainly set a positive tone on which to build a great 2007 spring season. Clocking in at 13:21, the frosh lights broke into the top 10 finishers for all freshmen for the first time in years.

Assistant Coach, Seth Davis commented that "This result is very promising for us, we have some work to do, but we know we're in the hunt."

The team's time also is the fastest the MIT freshman lightweights have gone since before 2000.

"I am excited for the guys in frosh eight, they've had a good fall. I am also pleased that our B and C boats also had good races, those guys are as important to the continued progress of this program as our top eights", added Davis.