Men's Lightweight Crew Readies for 2005-06 Campaign

Men's Lightweight Crew Readies for 2005-06 Campaign

Oct. 17, 2005

Andy Wickert '08

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The sounds of boats being taken down from racks, weights clanking, and the gentle splash of oars in the water says one thing to MIT rowers: the new season is here. After last year's victories, the start of the new season is even more exhilarating for the lightweight squad.

The excitement for the season resonates through the novice team well. This year's novices bring a solid core of athletic experience to the boathouse, which translates directly into rowing ability and boat speed. Ultimately, the promise that the novices have shown thus far should give them important victories in the fall and spring racing seasons.

Last year, the MIT freshman lightweights defeated Boston College, URI, and West Point after clinching the silver in the New Hampshire Championships. These rowers now form a solid core of athletes on the varsity team. This young team looks excitedly toward the freshmen and upperclass novices to repeat last year's success.

It's still not too late for freshmen, upperclassmen, and graduate students to join the novice crew. It's the experience of a lifetime that teaches teamwork, perseverance, and dedication. It builds lifelong friends and lifelong memories. Graduate schools and employers recognize rowers' dedication to their sport and their ability to lead a balanced lifestyle, even at MIT. Even without considering the benefits, rowing is a great time, and the more novice boats there are, the more fun it gets.

The young varsity team is fast, and the novices this year are athletic and strong. It's going to be a great few years for MIT lightweight crew -- come be a part of it!