Patel Goes 17-1 as Men’s Fencing Picks Up Four Wins at Eric Sollee Invitational

Freshman Sheel Patel
Freshman Sheel Patel

Cambridge, Mass. (February 5) - In its second and final home competition of the season, the MIT men's fencing team generated a record of 4-2 at the Eric Sollee Invitational on Sunday. The Engineers (12-9) defeated Hunter College (22-5), Yeshiva University (23-4), Haverford College (17-10), and Stevens Institute of Technology (15-12) but fell to both NYU and Duke University by a margin of 20-7. Freshman Sheel Patel (El Paso, Texas) won 17 of his 18 epee bouts while senior Benjamin Lin (Beaverton, Ore.) and junior Tzer Wong (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) both turned in 12-6 performances for the sabre squad. Senior Matthew Cavuto (Skillman, N.J.) and freshman Austin Wang (Fremont, Calif.) rounded out the foil team with identical 5-7 marks.

Epee (42-12 record. Highlights: 9-0 vs. Haverford; 8-1 vs. Hunter and Yeshiva; 7-2 vs. Stevens; 6-3 vs. Duke)
  Record Highlights
Alexander Andriatis 7-2 2-0 vs. Haverford
Sam Judd 13-5 3-0 vs. Hunter, Yeshiva, and Haverford; 2-1 vs. Duke and Stevens
Sheel Patel 17-1 3-0 vs. Hunter, NYU, Duke, Yeshiva, and Haverford; 2-1 vs. Stevens
Yixuan Pei 5-4 2-0 vs. Stevens


Foil (17-37 record. Highlights: 8-1 vs. Hunter; 6-3 vs. Yeshiva)



Bertie Ancona 0-5 n/a
Matthew Cavuto 5-7 3-0 vs. Hunter; 2-1 vs. Yeshiva
Arjun Gupta 5-8 2-1 vs. Hunter and Yeshiva
Austin Wang 5-7 3-0 vs. Hunter; 2-1 vs. Yeshiva
Avi Zeff 2-10 1-2 vs. Haverford and Stevens


Sabre (32-22 record. Highlights: 9-0 vs. Yeshiva; 7-2 vs. Stevens; 6-3 vs. Hunter and Haverford)
  Record Highlights
Connor Dotson 5-10 2-1 vs. Stevens; 1-0 vs. Yeshiva
Benjamin Lin 12-6 3-0 vs. Hunter, Yeshiva, and Stevens; 2-1 vs. Haverford
Sebastien Wah 3-0 2-0 vs. Yeshiva; 1-0 vs. Haverford
Tzer Wong
12-6 3-0 vs. Yeshiva and Haverford; 2-1 vs. Hunter and Stevens