Men's Fencing Wins Five of Six at NFC Competition

Connor Dotson
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- Event: Northeast Fencing Conference #2

- Scores:
Vassar College 14, MIT 13
MIT 16, Brown University 11
MIT 23, University of Florida 4 (Non-conference opponent)
MIT 24, Tufts University 3
MIT 22, Dartmouth College 5
MIT 15, Boston College 12

- Record: MIT (11-5, 8-2 NFC)

- Location: Chestnut Hill, Mass. (Boston College)

- The Lead: In its return to action, the MIT men's fencing team wrapped up Northeast Fencing Conference competition by defeating five of its six opponents on Sunday. The Engineers topped Brown University (16-11), non-conference foe University of Florida (23-4), Tufts University (24-3), Dartmouth College (22-5), and host Boston College (15-12) but fell to Vassar College (14-13). Freshman Joshua Talbot (Verona, N.J.) powered the foil team with a 14-2 ledger while senior Tzer Wong (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) paced the sabre squad unit with a 13-2 record. Freshman Nyle Sykes (Greenwood Village, Colo.) led the way for the epee squad with a tally of 10-2.

Epee (39-15 record. Highlights: 7-2 vs. Florida, Tufts, Dartmouth, and Boston College; 6-3 vs. Vassar; 5-4 vs. Brown)
  Record Highlights
Aaron Kogan 8-2 3-0 vs. BC; 2-1 vs. Vassar and Brown; 1-0 vs. Dartmouth
Arjun Gupta 6-3 3-0 vs. Tufts; 2-1 vs. Dartmouth
Sheel Patel 10-3 3-0 vs. Florida; 2-0 vs. Dartmouth; 2-1 vs. Brown and Tufts; 1-0 vs. BC
Yixuan Pei 5-5 2-1 vs. Vassar; 1-1 vs. Brown and Dartmouth
Nyle Sykes 10-2 3-0 vs. Florida; 2-0 vs. Vassar and BC; 2-1 vs. Tufts; 1-0 vs. Dartmouth


Foil (38-16 record. Highlights: 9-0 vs. Tufts and Dartmouth; 8-1 vs. Florida; 5-4 vs. Brown)
  Record Highlights
Chris McKinney 12-6 3-0 vs. Florida, Tufts, and Dartmouth
Joshua Talbot 14-2 3-0 vs. Tufts, Dartmouth, and BC; 2-1 vs. Vassar and Brown; 1-0 vs. Florida
Austin Wang 1-1 1-1 vs. Florida
Avi Zeff 11-7 3-0 vs. Florida, Tufts, and Dartmouth; 2-1 vs. Brown


Sabre (36-18 record. Highlights: 8-1 vs. Florida and Tufts; 6-3 vs. Brown and Dartmouth)
  Record Highlights
Connor Dotson 11-7 3-0 vs. Florida and Tufts; 2-1 vs. Brown and Dartmouth
Aidan Simpson 11-7 3-0 vs. Florida; 2-1 vs. Vassar, Tufts, and Dartmouth
Sebastien Wah 1-2 1-0 vs. Tufts
Tzer Wong 13-2 3-0 vs. Brown; 2-0 vs. Florida, Tufts, and Dartmouth; 2-1 vs. Vassar and BC



- MIT will make its second trip of the season to Brandeis University on Saturday, Feb. 3 for the Eric Sollee Invitational that begins at 9:00 a.m.


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