"Where Are They Now": Jonathan Goler '04 Continuing To Make Waves

"Where Are They Now": Jonathan Goler '04 Continuing To Make Waves

Jonathan Goler '04 is an MIT graduate from Course 6-3, Computer Science and Engineering. After five years of swimming (he redshirted his Senior year so he could swim M.Eng), Goler went out to California to pursue his PhD in Biological Engineering from the University of California - Berkeley.

Describing himself as a "consummate nerd" when he was growing up, Goler recalls that the idea of MIT totally fit his personality and interests. "I came on a recruit trip and I fell in love with the campus," he says, adding that MIT seemed like the place where people just did "awesome things."

Currently, Goler heads up two key areas, Risk and Technology, at MoneyKey, an online platform that offers short term credit products to consumers. Describing the risk side of his job, he gets to "hunt down fraudsters and do cool stuff like gradient boosted random forests and graph databases." He also gets to apply some of the algorithms from 6.034 (Artificial Intelligence) and 6.833 (the Human Intelligence Enterprise), two of his favorite classes at MIT with Professor Patrick Winston (who Goler simply says is "one of the best professors at MIT").

Goler also uses skills he picked up at MIT on the technology side of his job. Drawing on a lot of concepts that are the backbone of course 6-3, Goler also says the nature of the industry demands that he think on his toes and be able to develop software that is easily manipulated to deal with changes in platform needs and new regulations.

But through his journey to where he is today, Goler's experience as a swimmer at MIT has stuck with him, evident in his continued passion for swimming and involvement in the masters swimming community.

"A lot of business is a tough slog," he says, "but banging out 10k+ a day really does prepare you so you can work harder to achieve your goals.

Goler really got back to serious training in Berkeley, where he got back into swimming with a few different masters groups before ultimately ending up training with an informal group called Fuego that regularly had Olympians and high level swimmers drop in for workouts.

He continued participating in Masters Swimming through moves to Toronto, where he estimates the vast majority of his current friends are or were involved in swimming at some point. Goler tries to get to Masters Nationals every year, often with a group of other MIT alums, and over the years he has continued to be a die-hard supporter of MIT Swimming & Diving.

Goler joined a group of alums to watch alum Wyatt Ubellacker '13-- SM '16 compete at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, and he also makes the yearly trip back to Cambridge for the team's annual alumni meet, where he has a standing rivalry with fellow grad Brodie Hines in the 100 fly. Goler still lives in Toronto with his husband Jeff and daughter, Sophie.

When asked what advice he would give to current student-athletes, he emphasized enjoying the relationships and recognizing that the people you meet are going to be an important part of your life going forward, no matter where you may end up. He summed it up simply: "Take advantage of being with the best people you're ever going to be with."


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