2012 MIT Men's Cross Country Roster

Ht. Hometown/High School Major
Justin Bullock full bio Justin Bullock Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Detroit, Mich. / Renaissance Major: Chemical-Biological Engineering
Matthew Deyo full bio Matthew Deyo Cl.: Fr. Ht.:   Hometown/High School: - / - Major:  
Edgar Gridello full bio Edgar Gridello Cl.: Fr. Ht.: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Douvainer, France / Lycée la Versoie Major: Mathematics
Harrison Hunter full bio Harrison Hunter Cl.: So. Ht.: 6-7 Hometown/High School: Northampton, Mass. / Northampton Major:  
Matthew Jordan full bio Matthew Jordan Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Matthews, N.C. / - Major: Mathematics
Patrick Juras full bio Patrick Juras Cl.: Fr. Ht.: 6-1 Hometown/High School: Hawthorn Woods, Ill. / Lake Zurich Major: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Allen Leung full bio Allen Leung Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-6 Hometown/High School: Arcadia, Calif. / Arcadia Major: Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Mattocks full bio Benjamin Mattocks Cl.: Sr. Ht.: 5-9 Hometown/High School: Sharon, Mass. / Sharon Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Jay McKenna full bio Jay McKenna Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 6-1 Hometown/High School: Hilliard, Ohio / Hilliard Darby Major: Mechanical Engineering
Ricardo Paez full bio Ricardo Paez Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Ontario, Calif. / Ontario Major: Chemical Engineering
Eric Safai full bio Eric Safai Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 6-3 Hometown/High School: Los Altos, Calif. / Los Altos Major: Chemical-Biological Engineering
Ian Tolan full bio Ian Tolan Cl.: Fr. Ht.: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Binghamton, N.Y. / Binghamton Major: Electrical Engineering
Logan Trimble full bio Logan Trimble Cl.: Sr. Ht.: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Clearwater, Fla. / Jesuit Major: Chemical Engineering
Roy Wedge full bio Roy Wedge Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Lawrence, Kan. / Lawrence Major: Computer Science
Spencer Wenck full bio Spencer Wenck Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-9 Hometown/High School: Monument, Colo. / Palmer Ridge Major: Chemical Engineering
Benji Xie full bio Benji Xie Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-7 Hometown/High School: El Dorado Hills, Calif. / Oak Ridge Major: Computer Science