Lightweight Crew Remembers Florida Training Trip Fondly

Lightweight Crew Remembers Florida Training Trip Fondly

Cambridge, Mass. -- The MIT women's lightweight crew squad recently took a training trip to Florida. It was a great chance for them to escape the cold, bond as a team and get some great offseason work in. Sophomore Katie Inman provided us with this account of the trip:

As we set off from the Orlando International Airport, spirits were high.  So far the forecast had nothing below 65 for the next few days and it was beautiful and sunny already. Despite the constant reminders that this could be a repeat of last year (where temperatures plummeted to 32 degrees some mornings), everyone headed to the site to unload the trailer and rig the boats before we could head back to the hotel.  After rigging, a large grocery shopping trip, and a lot of chit chat about how incredible it was to be in warm weather in the middle of December, we headed to bed eager for the first day back on the water.

The sun rose the next day as we arrived at the launch site where the heavyweight men's coach, Tony Kilbridge, gave a "stirring" address with the usual reminders to stay safe, do the stingray shuffle to avoid getting stung, and keep an eye on the blisters we were to most certainly get.  Following the pep talk the lightweight women geared up for a quick run test followed by some solid steady state rowing.

The week was divided into roughly two parts: four to five practices in the pairs while the other eight rowers would be in an eight and then switch.  We were told the week would be tough but we would come back to MIT refreshed and ready to hit the ground running (or rather, hit the ergs rowing) in preparation for spring season.  We had some incredible days on the water.  We made great strides in technique and definitely got a lot of miles in.  I think by day three most of the girls couldn't even stand up we were so sore- but the thought of returning indoors kept us motivated (as well as the perfect weather we were having!).

Apart from all the practicing, we celebrated New Year's Eve with pizza by the pool and s'mores on the grill.  Another evening was spent at a nearby Italian restaurant where we had a team dinner.  Other nights were spent with a secret-Santa exchange and skit preparation.  As a side note, our skit turned out wonderfully; it was a parody of the popular viral video called "Harry Potter Puppet Pals" with the names switched with rowing coaches at MIT.

Now that we're home I know we're all missing the warm sun as the temperatures drop below zero and the ice layer on the Charles seems to be getting thicker by the day.  Nevertheless, we've kept up the momentum and we're all thankful for the fantastic time we had this year in Florida.