Novice 4 Wins at Lightweight Invitational

Novice 4 Wins at Lightweight Invitational

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Back on its home waters of the Charles River, the MIT women's lightweight crew took part in the Lightweight Invitational Regatta this morning. The Engineers picked up one victory in the racing, with the Novice 4 crew defeating Harvard-Radcliffe.

Racing in some swirling winds, the Novice 4 crew overcame the winds and their counterparts from just up river as the MIT crew stopped the clock nearly 12 seconds ahead of Harvard-Radcliffe in 9:03.2. The Engineers had a tougher time in the V8 races that featured crews from Radcliffe, Stanford, Wisconsin and Boston University. In the Varsity 8 race MIT finished fifth, nearly 21 seconds behind Boston University with a time of 7:56.7. In the 2V8 event the Engineers had one of its oars pop out of the oarlock, forcing the crew to stop until they could get it back in, resulting in a fifth-place finish as well. 

MIT will be back in action again tomorrow on the Charles, when it races in the Muri Cup, with the Novice 4 crews starting things off at 8:00 a.m.


Varsity 8

C: Emily Chen
8: Priya Veeraraghaven
7: Sharon Wu
6: Ella Branch
5: Sophie Geoghan
4: Katie Gorick
3: Anne Kim
2: Catherine Potter
1: Lauren Rotkovitz


C: Joyce Hong
8: Katie O'Neal
7: Sarah Brennan
6: Marissa Stephens
5: Scout Brisson
4: Zoe Steier
3: Kelsey Doolittle
2: Carol Liu
1: Nitya Subramanian

C: Prianca Tawde
4: Emily Keeley
3: Charlotte Keeley
2: Rachel Osmundsen
1: Nicole Lu