Women's Lightweight Crew Strong at the Foot of the Charles

Women's Lightweight Crew Strong at the Foot of the Charles


- Location: Cambridge, Mass. (Charles River)

- The Lead: On Saturday at the Foot of the Charles Regatta, the MIT lightweight women's crew team posted another solid performance to close out the fall racing season. 


- In the eights race, the first varsity boat started strong, but had to eventually come to a stop through the BU bridge to avoid a near collision as sophomore coxswain Chloe Thacker (Sarasota, Fla.) guided the crew safely through the situation. The boat ended up placing 10th out of 21 finishers as the Engineers crossed in a time of 21:52.8. The crew recovered well and race strongly at 32 strokes per minute, closing out the final 1K at 34 strokes per minute.

- In the second varsity eight boat, the MIT crew started at bow #16 and moved up on the Radcliffe lightweight B boat. The Engineers came very close to overtaking them at the finish line and eventually ended up with a 28-second edge as MIT was 17th out of 21 in 23:21.8.

- The novice eight crew placed 10th out of 12 in their race in a time of 15:46 as the team had a strong and clean start. Guided by freshman coxswain Jennifer Nwenyi (Brooklyn, N.Y.), the crew rowed aggressively throughout the race and beat a number of openweight opponents.

- In the varsity fours competition, the MIT crew placed fifth in a time of 17:54.


"In our second race of the year, we had a strong overall showing from our entire squad. I was thrilled that every member of our squad raced today and performed so well. Great motivation as we come indoors for winter training!"


Varsity 8
Cox: Chloe Thacker
8: Priya Veeraraghavan
7: Sharon Wu
6: Elizabeth Martin
5: Annika Rollock
4: Valerie Hunter
3: Michelle Lauer
2: Kelly Barton
1: Sylvia Sarnik

Second Varsity 8
Cox: Prianca Tawde
8: Frances Parker-Hale
7: Brigid Bane
6: Eileen Hu
5: Katherine Hunter
4: Rachel Osmundsen
3: Kate Scott
2: Sophie Blackburn
1: Alexa Jan

Varsity 4
Cox: Neena Dugar
4: Claire Goul
3: Hannah Thel
2: Anne Kelley
1: Meghan Reisenauer

Novice 8
Cox: Jennifer Nwenyi
8: Sharon Chen
7: Megan Diehl
6: Lucy Milde
5: Melanie Chen
4: Kat Adams
3: Lila Jansen
2: Sabrina Khan
1: Sarah Grunsfeld


- Today's regatta closes out the fall racing season for the Engineers.


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