Women's Lightweight Four Finds Success at the Knecht Cup

Women's Lightweight Four Finds Success at the Knecht Cup

April 9, 2006

CAMDEN, N.J. - This past weekend proved to be a mixed experience for the MIT Lightweight Crew. At the Varsity level, the team doubled up to compete in both the varsity four and eight divisions. The Engineers took second in the varsity four event with a time of 8:40.6, just behind first place Princeton A (8:32.2).

Led by senior captain and coxswain Katherine Hung, the boat consisted of stroke seat Erqi Liu, followed by Katherine Madden (3 seat), Kathleen Yeh (2 seat), and Jessica Lynch (bow).

In the more competitive lightweight varsity eight division, the Engineers had a tough run of things given their fatigue from the fours event. They rowed in the Petite final and wound up four seconds away from third place. Hopeful about their upcoming rematch with URI, the women are geared up to put in the necessary work to be successful. The team is still committed to their end-goal of rowing at the IRA Championship.

At the Novice level, the team had a run of bad luck. Due to weather, the novice four event was cancelled, thus preventing part of the squad from previewing the Sprints course. Looking forward to the eights event, the novice team once again was left frustrated. In the first 10 strokes there was an equipment problem which left them behind the pack. Unfortunately, they were unable to wage a protest within the 20 second limit so they cut their losses and rowed through the remainder of the race. Based on their impressive results against the UCF open/light novices last weekend, they are confident that they will be contenders in this weekend's competition.

In moving forward, the squad is eager to have a better racing experience on their home waters against URI, Radcliffe and UMass. The team is hopeful that they will be able to make up lost seconds with better luck and rest.

Varsity Lightweight Women's Eight
Cox: Katherine Hung
Stroke: Erqi Liu
7: Kelly Chang
6: Katherine Madden
5: Jessica Lynch
4: Loretta Trevino
3: Sarah Newman
2: Kathleen Yeh
Bow: Catherine Yao

Women's Varsity Lightweight Four
Cox: Katherine Hung
Stroke: Erqi Liu
3: Katherine Madden
2: Kathleen Yeh
Bow: Jessica Lynch

Women's Novice Lightweight Eight
Cox: Seema Kacker
Stroke: Jacqueline Douglass
7: Christine Shaver
6: Kate Hoff
5: Kathryn Schumacher
4: Amanda Berry
3: Jenn Resvick
2: Cong Luo
Bow: Zuzana Trnovcova

Women's Novice Openweight Four
Cox: Seema Kacker
Stroke: Diana Ye
3: Kristin Uhmeyer
2: Mariela Perignon
Bow: Tiffany Iaconis