Lightweight Engineers Sprint to Fourth-Place Finishes

Lightweight Engineers Sprint to Fourth-Place Finishes

May 15, 2006

COOPER RIVER, N.J. - The MIT women raced in the EAWRC Sprints on Sunday, showing across-the-board competitiveness that has not been seen in years. Every boat with lightweights in it crossed the line in fourth place.

Despite a dire weather forecast, it turned out to be a gorgeous day in Camden. The first race for the lightweights came in the novice eight, a final-only event with five entries. Coming off an encouraging scrimmage with Radcliffe the week prior, the novice Engineers hoped to be in medal contention for their final race of the year. Right from the start it was a close race, with Wisconsin enjoying a brief lead in the first 500. Princeton moved to the front of the pack by the 1000-meter mark and never looked back. Behind them followed Wisconsin, Radcliffe, MIT, and Georgetown. MIT battled with Radcliffe for the entire length of the course, pulling ahead at the start before falling slightly back. Keeping contact throughout the race, the Engineers crossed the line only 3.6 seconds behind Radcliffe, less than half the margin of their scrimmage. The times were: Princeton 7:37.0, Wisconsin 7:44.7, Radcliffe 7:51.3, MIT 7:54.9, and Georgetown 8:17.0.

The varsity lightweight four presented another great racing opportunity, with the Engineers seeded second. After a scratch from Brown (who does not normally race lightweight events), the race became a seven-boat final-only event. It was a very tight race, and MIT held third position into the final 500 meters. With about 100 meters to the line, Princeton's second boat displayed an amazing burst of speed and managed to squeak in for the bronze. Finishing fourth, the MIT crew was a mere 8.4 seconds behind the winner. The complete results are: Princeton "A" 8:21.0, Radcliffe "A" 8:25.3, Princeton "B" 8:28.1, MIT 8:29.4, Wisconsin 8:33.3, Radcliffe "B" 8:45.5, and Georgetown 8:53.5.

Only a short time after the lightweight four, the novice four final-only race came down the course. This was an openweight event, but the MIT entry included three lightweight rowers. Having rowed together for only about a week, they put together an impressive performance against much larger opponents. Continuing the day's trend, they crossed the line in fourth place. The final outcome: Northeastern 8:31.2, Princeton 8:35.8, Georgetown 8:41.5, MIT 9:05.7, Syracuse 9:19.5, and Boston College 9:38.5.

The entire lightweight women's team now focuses on the IRA regatta in June. Varsity and novice alike will continue to train, and join together to form a single competitive eight to finish off the year.

Novice Lightweight Eight
coxswain: Seema Kacker
stroke: Amanda Berry
7 - Christine Shaver
6 - Katherine Hoff
5 - Kathryn Schumacher
4 - Loretta Trevino
3 - Jennifer Resvick
2 - Jacqueline Douglass
bow: Mariela Perignon

Varsity Lightweight Four
coxswain: Katherine Hung
stroke: Erqi Liu
3 - Katherine Madden
2 - Kathleen Yeh
bow: Sarah Newman

Novice Combination Four
coxswain: Margaret Carlton-Foss
stroke: Kristin Uhmeyer
3 - Julia Fu
2 - Diana Ye
bow: Zuzana Trnovcova