Openweight Varsity Eight Goes Undefeated at George Washington Invite

Openweight Varsity Eight Goes Undefeated at George Washington Invite

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The MIT women’s openweight crew traveled to the Potomac River for its second regatta of the season, the George Washington Invitational, a dual-racing competition extending over two days. On Friday, Tech’s varsity eight tied Georgetown University, then defeated both George Washington University and the University of Dayton on Saturday. The Engineers’ second varsity eight fell to all three opponents. 

Racing more aggressively with each round, the varsity eight crossed the finish line with a significant open water lead in each race. The race against Georgetown was ruled a tie the following day as a result of a lane violation.

Varsity Eight Results
6:20.5 - MIT
6:28.7 - Georgetown
*Ruled a tie after protest 

6:22.3 - MIT
6:36.3 – George Washington 

6:27.2 - MIT
6:37.9 - Dayton

Experimenting with a new lineup, the second varsity eight struggled in the first round against Georgetown, but began to find its rhythm on Saturday and raced much more competitively. Even so, the crew came up about five seconds short against both GW and Dayton. 

Second Varsity Results
6:32.8 - Georgetown
6:53.3 - MIT 

6:43.8 – George Washington
6:48.7 - MIT 

6:42.0 - Dayton
6:47.7 - MIT 

“It’s our third year coming to this event - it’s great to get several races under our belt in short order,” commented coach Holly Metcalf. “This is by far the most successful we’ve ever been here, and both boats learned a lot about how to execute their race plan. The varsity discovered what it’s like to go out strong and control the race, while the second varsity found that they could sustain a much higher intensity than they thought. Now we need to take those lessons and prepare for the challenges coming in the next few weeks.”

On April 17 the team will face Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa., followed by the Patriot League Championship on April 25 in Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Varsity Eight
C – Grace Lin
8 – Catherine Crowley
7 – Becca Heywood
6 – Allison Simi
5 – Tess Saxton-Fox
4 – Katie Everett
3 – Jean Sack
2 – Lila Fridley
1 – Megan O'Donnell 

Second Varsity Eight
C – Kristie D'Ambrosio
8 – Phoebe Henderson
7 – Allison Hinckley
6 – Kathryn Vogel
5 – Clare Frigo
4 – Rebecca Jackson
3 – Shawn Wen
2 – Rachel Clary
1 – Colleen Josephson