Bucknell Captures 2010 Patriot League Rowing Title - MIT Takes 5th

Bucknell Captures 2010 Patriot League Rowing Title - MIT Takes 5th

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - Bucknell held off Navy by just over two seconds in the varsity eight race to capture its fifth consecutive Patriot League Rowing Championship on Sunday morning on the Cooper River in Cherry Hill, N.J.

The Bison finished the race in 7:11.60, just ahead of the Mids coming in at 7:13.80. The teams had each captured one of the first two races of the event, with Navy winning the opening varsity four in 8:16.10 and Bucknell claiming the second varsity eight in 7:22.83.

Bucknell won the varsity eight race for the fifth straight season, and in turn claimed the Patriot League Boat of the Year award that comes with the victory for the fifth year in a row. Bucknell Head Coach Stephen Kish earned his fourth Patriot League Coach of the Year award in the past five seasons.

Bucknell won the event with 35 points overall, followed by Navy with 31. Holy Cross came in third place with 18 points, followed closely by Colgate with 16 and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 15 and Lehigh with 6.

In the varsity eight race, following the Bison and Navy were Colgate (7:20.10), MIT (7:30.10), Holy Cross (7:36.20) and Lehigh (7:41.90).

The Bison were followed in the second varsity eight race by Navy (7:32.09), Holy Cross (7:43.31), MIT (7:57.54) and Colgate (8:06.93).

In the varsity four race, Navy was ahead of Bucknell (8:20.30), Holy Cross (9:10.80) and Lehigh (9:22.10).

The event was scored on a scaled system, with the point breakdown going 18-15-12-9-6-3 for the varsity eight, 12-10-8-6-4 for the second varsity eight and 6-5-4-3 for the varsity four.

Bucknell has now earned five of the six all-time Patriot League Rowing Championships, with Navy claiming the inaugural title in 2005.

The 2010 All-Patriot League Team will be announced this coming week. The All-Patriot League Team is made up of a first and second-team squad, and selections are based on the finish in the varsity eight race. Bucknell will have three rowers and a coxswain on the first team, and three rowers on the second team. Navy will have two rowers on the first team and one rower and one coxswain on the second team. Colgate, MIT and Holy Cross will have one rower on both the first and second team, while Lehigh will feature a second-team rower.

For more information, visit the Patriot League Rowing Championship page.

Patriot League Rowing Championship Scores

1. Bucknell, 35 points
2. Navy, 31 points
3. Holy Cross, 18 points
4. Colgate, 16 points
5. MIT, 15 points
6. Lehigh, 6 points

Patriot League Boat of the Year - Bucknell Varsity Eight
Patriot League Coach of the Year - Bucknell Head Coach Stephen Kish

Championship Scored Races (Points)

Varsity Eight
1. Bucknell, 7:11.60 (18)
2. Navy, 7;13.80 (15)
3. Colgate, 7:20.10 (12)
4. MIT, 7:30.10 (9)
5. Holy Cross, 7:36.20 (6)
6. Lehigh, 7:41.90 (3)

Second Varsity Eight
1. Bucknell, 7:22.83 (12)
2. Navy, 7:32.09 (10)
3. Holy Cross, 7:43.31 (8)
4. MIT, 7:57.54 (6)
5. Colgate, 8:06.93 (4)

Varsity Four
1. Navy, 8:16.10 (6)
2. Bucknell, 8:20.30 (5)
3. Holy Cross, 9;10.80 (4)
4. Lehigh, 9:22.10 (3)