Women's Openweights Take Third in Season Opener

Women's Openweights Take Third in Season Opener

WORCESTER, Mass. – The MIT women’s openweight crew opened up its spring racing season with a third-place finish in Worcester on Saturday. The two varsity eights faced off against host Holy Cross, as well as University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Hew Hampshire and Williams College.

Due to high water from recent rainstorms the course was not buoyed, and the races began from a floating start.

Williams controlled both races from pole to pole, with the other four crews jockeying for position behind the Ephs. In the varsity eight race, Tech had a powerful start, earning an open water lead over Holy Cross in the first 500, and staying level with UMass and UNH. In the second half of the race Holy Cross and UMass moved up, while UNH fell back. Williams won with open water, followed by UMass, then MIT barely ahead of Holy Cross and UNH another length behind.

The second varsity eight race was less exciting, with each crew settling into its position early on. The Engineers had a poor start and were never able to find a solid rhythm, falling further behind. Williams won convincingly, with UMass, Holy Cross, and UNH finishing before MIT.

Times for the races were:

7:14.60 - Williams
7:29.51 - UMass  
7:36.73 - MIT
7:37.33 - Holy Cross
7:41.11 - UNH 

7:29.90 - Williams
7:45.30 - UMass  
7:56.82 - Holy Cross
8:02.80 - UNH
8:20.86 – MIT

“This was an encouraging start to the season,” said coach Holly Metcalf. “Winning a close race against Holy Cross–a conference foe–bodes well for the varsity eight. Clearly we have some work to do on the last half of the race, however, and the second boat needs to settle down and establish a stronger rhythm overall.”

On Thursday, the team travels to Washington, D.C., for three races in two days at the George Washington Invitational. The crews will race Georgetown on Friday, George Washington on Saturday morning, and the University of Dayton on Saturday afternoon.

Varsity Eight
C – Grace Lin
8 – Catherine Crowley
7 – Becca Heywood
6 – Allison Simi
5 – Tess Saxton-Fox
4 – Katie Everett
3 – Jean Sack
2 – Lila Fridley
1 – Megan O'Donnell


Second Varsity Eight
C – Kristie D'Ambrosio
8 – Allison Hinckley
7 – Phoebe Henderson
6 – Kathryn Vogel
5 – Shawn Wen
4 – Rebecca Jackson
3 – Colleen Josephson
2 – Rachel Clary
1 – Clare Frigo