Tech Wins Inaugural Cup Race Vs. Boston College

Tech Wins Inaugural Cup Race Vs. Boston College


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – In the first regatta of the season the MIT openweight women's crew won the inaugural cup race with Boston College. The Engineers earned the trophy by defeating BC in the varsity eight race, with a winning margin of 20 seconds. In the second varsity eight the Eagles topped MIT by 11 seconds.

Due to some lingering injuries MIT was not able to field its varsity four, and in fact had to double up the seven-seat from the second eight into three-seat of the varsity eight. Boston College put its fours into two evenly-boated third varsity eights, which faced off against the second varsity crews.

Rowing into a stiff cross-headwind the Tech varsity eight pulled away right off the start line and built on its lead throughout the course. The Engineers had an open-water advantage by the halfway mark and continued to push ahead after passing under the Mass Ave bridge. Their winning time was 7:51.8, with the Eagles clocking 8:12.3.

In the second varsity race the BC crew pulled out to an early lead, while MIT and the BC third varsity "A" crew went neck-and-neck for the first thousand meters. In the last thousand the BC crew proceeded to master the difficult conditions and actually pulled ahead of its of own second varsity eight on the very last stroke, in a photo finish. The times were: BC 3V "A" 8:27.0, BC 2V 8:27.3, MIT 2V 8:38.7, and BC 3V "B" 9:09.6.

After racing, both squads gathered inside the Pierce Boathouse for the presentation of the newly established cup. "In the past three years we have developed a very meaningful and positive rivalry with Boston College," noted coach Holly Metcalf. "We lost really close races to them the past two springs, and (Boston College coach) Steve Fiske and I thought it was time to formalize the competition and make it a cup race. We're honored to be the first to win it, and we look forward to many future years of tight competition that will push both teams to strive toward greater heights."

Varsity Eight

C- Grace Lin

8- Rebecca Heywood

7- Catherine Crowley

6- Erin Meyer

5- Tess Saxton-Fox

4- Monique Squiers

3- Megan O'Donnell

2- Allison Simi

1- Hilda Buss


Second Varsity Eight

C- Michelle Victora

8- Lauren Gresko

7- Megan O'Donnell

6- Rachel Clary

5- Megan Bowman

4- Joanie Weaver

3- Aileen Johnson

2- Carmen Castaños

1- Samantha Hartzell