V8, 2V8 Boats Lead MIT at Patriot League Championship

V8, 2V8 Boats Lead MIT at Patriot League Championship


- Location: Camden County, N.J. (Cooper River)

- The Lead: At the 2018 Patriot League Championship, the MIT women's openweight crew team wrapped up the 2017-18 season as the Engineers Varsity 8 and Second Varsity 8 boats both advanced to the Grand Final. The Varsity 4 boat also captured the Petite Final in the first of the finals races in the late morning.


- In the Varsity 8 heat, the Engineers crossed in third place out of five in a time of 6:54.884 which was just over two seconds back of Georgetown. In the second Varsity 8 heat, MIT finished in a time of 7:30.911 as the Engineers finished in front of both Colgate (7:43.540) and Loyola (7:47.213).

- In the Varsity 4 heat, the Engineers moved into the Petite Final as they finished in fourth place in a time of 8:59.387.

- In the Varsity 4 Petite Final, the Engineers took first place over Colgate in a time of 8:28.319 to win by 23 seconds. The time was also an improvement of 31 seconds from their heat.

- In the Second Varsity 8 Grand Final, the Engineers crossed in fifth place in 7:06.887 to defeat Holy Cross and improve by 24 seconds from the morning heats. The MIT Varsity 8 boat also placed fifth, finishing just six seconds out of third and just over three seconds in front of Lehigh as they rebounded from a slow start before walking through Lehigh.


Varsity 8
Cox: Vanessa Wong
8: Abbey Diener 
7: Premila Rowles     
6: Rosalie Phillips
5: Tal Gilad
4: Caitlin McCandler
3: Kaitlyn Mullin 
2: Selin Selman
1: Ellie Brewer 

Second Varsity 8
Cox: Charvi Gopal
8: Aigneis Frey    
7: Olivia McGrath
6: Courtney Sawyer
5: Ciara Mulcahy
4: Annika Heuser   
3: Grace Melcher
2: Audrey Pillsbury
1. Tess Gustafson

Varsity 4
Cox: Andrea Lo
4: Audrey Gaither
3: Vickie Wang
2: Hope Dargan
1: Erica Flear


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