Women's Openweight Crew Takes On Holy Cross and Bates on Saturday

Women's Openweight Crew Takes On Holy Cross and Bates on Saturday


- Location: Worcester, Mass. (Lake Quinsigamond)

- The Lead: On Saturday on Lake Quinsigamond, the MIT women's openweight crew team took on Holy Cross and Bates College. 


- In the Varsity 8 race, the Engineers were competitive for most of the race in some tricky racing conditions before Bates walked away from MIT in the final 1,000 meters to cross in 7:02.9. MIT was second in 7:13.47, followed by the Crusaders at 7:37.63.

- In the 2V8, MIT was third behind the Bates A and B entries as the Engineers finished in 7:52.82. The Engineers again finished in front of Holy Cross as the Crusaders had a time of 8:12.39.


Varsity 8
Cox: Annie Zhang
8: Allison King
7: Grace Melcher
6: Tal Gilad       
5: Rosalie Phillips 
4: Lucy McMillan
3: Caitlin McCandler
2: Julia Grim
1: Rose Bielak

Second Varsity 8
Cox: Emelie Eldracher
8: Tess Gustafson
7: Emily Kiley
6: Charlotte Chazen
5: Alexa Stewart
4: Jess Arbuckle
3: Annika Heuser
2: Maria Barbosa
1: Aigneis Frey


- MIT returns to water on Sunday, May 5th as the Engineers return to Lake Quinsigamond for the EAWRC Sprints.


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