Spring Training In Boston Ends With Great Race Results

Spring Training In Boston Ends With Great Race Results

April 2, 2006

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The openweight MIT women's crew team remained in Boston for its Spring Break Training this year to provide additional scrimmage and racing opportunities against other EAWRC teams. The training week opened with one thousand meters pieces against Boston University's novice squad and concluded on April 1st with races against Boston University, Navy, and George Washington University.

During the one thousand meter scrimmages with BU on Saturday, March 25th, the MIT novices stayed even for the first 500 meters, but would slowly lose ground in the last 500. The results indicated a need to buckle down and get some work done over spring break, but the team and the coaches felt optimistic that the deficits could be overcome.

The varsity four got right down to business on Sunday with seat races and then rolled into a series of sessions that included video review, work in the tanks, and a good amount of time on the Charles preparing for the first race of the spring season. Both the varsity and novice squads trained hard and participated in team building exercises including a ropes course where team members encouraged each other to leap off of 40-foot high platforms onto rope swings and trapeze bars. By the time race day came around at the end of the week they were physically and mentally fit to take on their competition.

After a row through on Friday night in a strong head wind and high chop, the morning of April 1st presented a day of practically perfect water conditions. The first race for MIT was the novice eights and included Boston University, Navy "A" and Navy "B". During the first 500 meters MIT struggled to get their timing together, which allowed both the Navy "A" and BU shells to move out ahead. As the race approached the Mass. Ave Bridge, Navy was in the lead and BU had half of a boat length of open water on MIT. But the timing on the MIT crew was starting to come together and the boat started to pick up speed. Slowly, the MIT novices pushed back up and over the course of the last thousand meters they managed to pull up and cross the line less than a second ahead of Boston University. Final results for the race were Navy "A" 7:57.57, MIT 8:02.07, Boston University 8:03.1 and Navy "B" 8:24.1.

The second race was the varsity fours including Boston University, George Washington University, Navy "A" and Navy "B". MIT took a commanding lead in the first 500 meters but settled to a low stroke rate in the second 500 meters enabling BU and Navy "A" to push out ahead as the crews went through the Mass. Ave Bridge. Still even with George Washington, the MIT crew upped their stroke rate to bring the shell back up to speed and they pulled ahead of GW and moved up on Navy as they passed by the Pierce Boathouse. Over the last 500 meters, MIT pulled out ahead of Navy and made contact with BU's stern. However, the Terriers put on a tremendous sprint at the end to cross the finish line six seconds ahead of MIT. Final results were Boston University 8:25.3, MIT 8:30.9, Navy "A" 8:35.3, George Washington 8:54.3, Navy "B" 8:56.4.

In all, both of these come-from-behind second place finishes demonstrate the successful training accomplished by the athletes during their spring break here in Boston.

April 1, 2006
MIT Openweight Women Boat Line Ups:
1st Novice Eight
Cox - Erin Fitzgerald
Stroke - Leslie Sprague
7 - Alison Greenlee
6 - Samantha Bennett
5 - Jane Wolcott
4 - Chelsea Grimm
3 - Genevieve Russo
2 - Alice Ainsworth
Bow - Inessa Liskovich

Varsity Four
Cox - Cynthia Wilson
Stoke - Katja Lange
3 - Aku Nti
2 - Cristi Wilson
1- Kelly Thomas