Novice Openweights Find Success at Dartmouth

Novice Openweights Find Success at Dartmouth

Nov. 4, 2006

HANOVER, N.H. - The novice crews from all four MIT squads traveled north on Saturday to the Green Monster Frosh Invitational at Dartmouth. It was the first chance to compete this year for MIT's novice women. Due to some delays in paperwork, the openweight squad was only able to field one if it's two eights for the race.

The day was cold but calm, and a slight tailwind joined with the current to push the crews quickly through the three-mile head race. As the boats neared the finish a few snowflakes began to fall, marking a memorable first snow for several members of the team from warmer climates.

Just after passing through the start line the novice eight was pressed by MIT's own lightweight women's eight, which closed the gap in an early burst of speed. Coxswain Kristie D'Ambrosio noticed their proximity and responded with a move that enabled the openweights to pull out ahead of the lightweights, and maintain that lead for the rest of the course.

In the middle of the race, the Engineers received a challenge from the Radcliffe lightweights, who had already passed two other boats. Staying beside the other crew for as long as possible, MIT made sure that Radcliffe had to work hard to earn the right to pass. Once they finally did it was into the third mile, and Tech moved from 28 strokes per minute up to 30 to finish off the race.

Coming in sixth of fifteen was exciting for the boat of walk-on novices, and they were equally happy to see the MIT lightweights finish in seventh and eighth right behind them.

Head Coach Alison Derrick was pleased with the outcome, remarking, "Being in the top half of a competitive field bodes well not only for the upcoming Foot of the Charles home race, but also for the spring season to follow. This year's novices are proving to be a strong addition to our young team."

1 Radcliffe Lwt 15:55
2 Dartmouth A 16:12
3 Dartmouth B 16:23
4 BU B 16:24
5 BU A 16:27
6 MIT 17:10
7 MIT Lwt A 17:27
8 MIT Lwt B 17:29
9 UMass B 17:31
10 BU C 17:49
11 Northeastern A 17:55
12 UMass A 17:59
13 UVM A 18:14
14 Northeastern B 18:25
15 UVM B 18:36

MIT Novice Openweight Eight
C- Kristie D'Ambrosio
8- Melodie Kao
7- Clare Bayley
6- Stephanie Flavin
5- Emily Davidson
4- Sarah Levin
3- Vanessa Esch
2- Samantha O'Keefe
1- Lauren Montemayor